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A truck-mounted crane, is a kind of equipment that realizes the lifting, turning, and lifting of goods through a hydraulic lifting and telescopic system, and is usually assembled on a truck.

It is generally composed of a truck chassis, cargo compartment, power take-off, and crane. The truck chassis can be selected from Dongfeng, Jiefang, Ауман, Steyr, Tang Jun and other tonnages. According to the manufacturer, the crane can be divided into Wuyi truck crane, Xinfeigong, Railway Transportation, XCMG, CHENGLI, XC, Хунчан Тяньма, Jianghuan, Yutong Heavy Industry, Feitao, Shimei, так далее. According to the type of crane, it is divided into telescopic boom type and knuckle boom type. , According to the tonnage is divided into 2 тонны, 3.2 тонны, 4 тонны, 5 тонны, 6.3 тонны, 8 тонны, 10 тонны, 12 тонны, 16 тонны, 20 тонны. The boom of the truck-mounted crane is divided into a straight-arm truck-mounted crane and a folding-arm truck-mounted crane.

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