EuroFive Dongfeng 8-ton Asphalt Spreading Vehicle (Full Intelligent)

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Chassis description

Cummins 180 horsepower engine, 8-speed gearbox, 10.00R20 steel tires, wheelbase 4500, with direction assist, ABS, with air conditioning

Detailed description

◆ Product model: CLH5160GLQD5

◆ Total weight: 16000kg

◆ Curb weight: 8660kg

◆ Dimensions: 8080×2500×3060mm

◆ Spreading width: 4500mm

◆ Nozzle spacing: 125mm

◆ Asphalt spreading amount: 0.2~3.5L/m

◆ Working speed: 1.5--20km/h

◆ Heating method: Italian imported diesel burner heating (200,000 kcal/hour)

◆ Spraying medium: hot asphalt, SBS modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, and modified emulsion asphalt.

◆ Spreading error: ±2%

The main accessories parameters are shown in the table below

Serial number


Model and specification

Owning system



Car chassis






ISB180 50

Cummins 180 horsepower


Asphalt tank announcement capacity

8.32 cbm meters


High quality carbon steel


Insulation thickness


Rock wool insulation


Outsourcing stainless steel


1.2 thick stainless steel plates


power takeoff


Source of work motivation

Special power take-off


Hydraulic pump


Hydraulic system

Hefei Changyuan


Proportional valve




Asphalt pump motor


Ningbo Hanzhu


Asphalt pump

Imported from the U.S. Viking

Asphalt spraying system

Maximum displacement


Number of nozzles


The control method is: 1 control 1


Hand spray gun

5m metal hose




G20 (200,000 punch cards/hour)

Heating system

Ria Road, Italy


Thermal oil pump




Thermal oil pump motor

380V-2.2KW-2 pole

Lu'an, Anhui


Control system method

Cab touch screen computer control + rear working platform control (standby)

Control System

The control system adopts German STW modular design, running faster and smoother, and has a low failure rate


speed sensor


Turk, Germany


Temperature Controller


Shanghai Xinghui



6KW gasoline generator

Power system


Equipment performance characteristics

1. The car adopts the Dongfeng D9 Dolica luxury chassis with excellent and strong carrying capacity.

Flexible and portable maneuverability, beautiful and atmospheric appearance, provide the majority of inter-city logistics customers

Safe, efficient and reliable service; equipped with full-power power take-off, the equipment can reach zero start

Spraying, spraying does not stop when shifting gears.

2. According to the needs of spraying volume and working width, the computer can perform the determinant nozzle

Any combination;

3. Both manual and automatic control modes can realize individual control of each nozzle,

In this way, the width of spraying can be adjusted arbitrarily.

4. Asphalt spreading control can be done not only in the cab, but also in the rear of the car.

Control on the platform;

5. The vehicle's automatic control system can measure the vehicle speed and

Sprinkling width and asphalt type automatically calculate the asphalt pump revolutions, and then automatically adjust the asphalt through the system.

The number of pumps of the green pump;

6. The heating system adopts burners imported from Italy, with automatic ignition and temperature control functions


7. The inter Euro advanced imported high-viscosity asphalt pump can be used to pump the external asphalt into the tank.

Realize self-priming, and can also pump out the asphalt in the tank;

8, the whole parts of the key part (e.g., a hydraulic pump CBQ550, hydraulic motor

05-90-BD31, American Viking original imported asphalt pump, Taiwan proportional valve 

EFBG-03-160-HF , German imported module automatic control system STW-36-01 , German map

Speed sensors, etc. ) adopt inter Euro ly well-known components to ensure the reliability of the whole machine and reduce

The failure rate of backup equipment can improve the service life;

9. Under the premise of ensuring that the maintenance and disassembly of other parts are not hindered, all parts of the ladder are arranged

And handrails for easy operation;

10. All heat pipes are equipped with thermal insulation layer to reduce heat dissipation while avoiding burns


11. Vehicle-mounted rapid heating system (10-15℃/h), which can improve heating efficiency and reduce

Work assistance time to ensure the temperature of spreading;

12. The asphalt spraying rod adopts a three-stage folding structure, which can be moved by moving the spraying rod up and down.

To achieve double or multiple spraying, the spreading range can be expanded by moving the spreading rod left and right, and

Can effectively avoid obstacles;

13. The manual spraying function can make the asphalt be sprayed through the hand nozzle, which is flexible and convenient.

Suitable for small areas and corner construction conditions. Connect the hand spray gun. Open the main delivery valve and turn the opener

Barge valve, open the oil return valve, use the oil return valve to adjust the pressure of the spray gun;

14. The asphalt tank is equipped with a sedimentation sewage tank, and is equipped with a liquid level display and an al lift ,

safety devices;

15. The nozzle flushing function can blow the remaining bitumen out of the nozzle through diesel fuel and high-pressure air.

Prevent the asphalt from freezing on the nozzle, which can greatly improve the service life of the nozzle. Close the main delivery valve, return

Open the oil valve, open the pneumatic valve, open the self-priming valve and open the nozzle in turn;

16. A good thermal insulation layer can ensure that the static thermal insulation performance index is ≤12℃/8 hours, and it can prevent

Rotten and durable

17. The outer packaging of the car is made of stainless steel plate, which is anti-corrosion, durable and beautiful.


HD pictures
illustrate in detail


CLH5160GLQD5 asphalt distributor is a kind of intelligent automatic high-tech product that professionally distributes emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt, high-viscosity modified asphalt, etc. It is used to spread the permeable oil, waterproof layer and adhesive layer of the bottom layer of asphalt pavement for high-grade highways. The distributor is composed of an automobile chassis, an asphalt tank, an asphalt pumping and spraying system, a heat conduction oil heating system, a hydraulic system, a combustion system, a control system, a pneumatic system, and an operating platform. The car is easy to operate, and on the basis of absorbing various technologies of similar products at home and abroad, it adds a humanized design that ensures the quality of construction and highlights the improvement of construction conditions and construction environment. Its reasonable and reliable design ensures the uniformity of asphalt distribution, computer control is stable and reliable, and the technical performance of the vehicle has reached the world's advanced level. The car can work under more severe conditions after all aspects of our company's improvement.

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