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JMC Shunda 12m Aerial Bucket Truck

Real shot pictures of JMC Shunda 12m Автовышка

JMC Shunda 12m Aerial Bucket Truck configuration

Конфигурация шасси:
JMC Shunda (new) double-row engineering yellow cab, JMC’s 115-horsepower EuroV engine, пятиступенчатая коробка передач, 7.00Шины из стальной проволоки R16, масляные тормоза, колесная база 3360мм, кондиционирование воздуха, АБС.

Загрузить конфигурацию:
The aerial platform has a lifting height of 12 метры (including a person’s height of 1.7 метры), a hydraulic 360-degree full swing, three-section folding lift s, and the folding lift series can be equipped with a 1 ton hook. Single hydraulic lifting cylinder, imported high-quality reversing balance valve, with electric control operation lifting lift , 1 ton retractable hook mounted on the main boom, safe and reliable, four hydraulic cylinders adjustable outriggers with two-way hydraulic lock (The outrigger operation is manual operation and can be controlled separately), the outrigger and the working lift are interlocked to prevent misoperation. Equipped with a working bucket (200кг), a small crane can be used as a small crane; the operation is flexible and convenient.
Information provided with the car:
Special value-added tax invoice, vehicle qualification certificate, vehicle tools, service manual, гарантийное руководство.
Special function introduction of aerial work truck:
◆The aerial work truck of our company can be operated up and down, it can rotate 360 degrees in all directions, and it is equipped with a hand throttle.
◆ Equipped with 1T retractable hook, hooks above 18 meters cannot be retracted, and straight boom series aerial vehicles cannot be equipped with hooks.
◆Four H-shaped hydraulic outriggers are installed on the vehicle to ensure the stability and safety of the vehicle during operation. The top of the outriggers is equipped with flashing warning lights, which has a higher safety factor.
◆Adopt domestic and imported reversing valve and hydraulic cylinder, reversing balance, flexible and convenient operation, outrigger and working lift interlocked, outrigger and working lift interlocked to prevent misoperation.
◆Using three-section folding lift s or multi-section straight lift s, making Aerial Bucket Truck s more convenient. Two sets of control systems are installed on the vehicle, electric control and manual control, which can be operated up and down. There is a control device in the working bucket, which can control the lifting and rotating in the working bucket.
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