JAC Junling V6 refrigerated truck

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Hubei Chengli Automobile: JAC Junling V6 refrigerated truck National VI product model and parameter configuration, JAC Junling V6 refrigerated truck National VI high-definition pictures, Chengli automobile series JAC Junling V6 National VI refrigerated truck latest quotation, please call the customer service hotline. Changan Shenqi refrigerated truck vehicle parametersProduct nameChangan Shenqi T20 refrigerated truck Vehicle model SC5035XLCDCBG6 Dimensions (mm) 5300x1720x2565 Body size (mm) 3200x1540x1520 Rated load (kg) 655,555,505 Maximum speed (km/h) 100 Total mass ( kg) 2565 fuel type gasoline…

JAC Junling V6 refrigerated truck Euro VI

JAC Junling V6 refrigerated truck
The whole vehicle parameters of JAC Junling V6 refrigerated truck
product name JAC Junling V6 refrigerated truck Vehicle model HFC5043XLCP31K1C7S
Outline rule (mm) 5995*2295*3190 Body size (mm) 4015*2075*2000
Rated load (kg) 1100 Top speed (km/h) 100
Total mass (kg) 4495 Fuel type Diesel oil
Curb weight (kg) 3200 Emission Standards Euro Six
JAC Junling V6 refrigerated truck chassis parameters
Chassis model HFC1043P31K1C7S Chassis brand Jianghuai
Number of passengers 2 Gearbox 5 gears
Wheelbase (mm) 3365 Displacement 2.5L
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications 7.50R16 steel wire tire
engine model D25TCIF1 Engine horsepower 150
JAC Junling V6 refrigerated carriage body material
Chassis configuration 3365 wheelbase, 2071 wide-body cab, D25TCIF1 cloud inner 150 horsepower, Xingrui 6 gears, 2 tons front axle, 5 tons rear axle, 7.50R16 steel wire tires, 180*6 beams, air brake, power steering, electric doors and windows, Remote control central lock, cruise control, multi-function steering wheel, daytime running lights, ABS, original air conditioner.
Body material The car body is a combination structure of all-plastic fully enclosed composite plates, the inner and outer skins are glass steel plates, the middle layer is polyurethane foam heat insulation material, and the glass steel plates and polyurethane foam materials are glued together with high-strength glue on the four sides to form A closed plate, which is bonded together with high-strength glue when assembled into a compartment and fastened with embedded high-strength screws. The refrigerated compartment hardware is all made of stainless steel.

JAC Junling V6 refrigerated truck

JAC Junling V6 refrigerated truck


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