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Введение в Dongfeng Truck

Introduction of Dongfeng Trucks

Введение в Dongfeng Truck

Dongfeng Trucks, originated from China’s second automobile manufacturing plant established in 1969 and inherited the main business of the Dongfeng brand commercial vehicle business. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles uses reliable, professional and global technology to deepen its manufacturing process, continuously expand the market, and win customer recognition. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle is a leading commercial vehicle brand in China and is gradually establishing a global sales and service network.

Dongfeng Truck, has an independent R&D and production base in China with an annual production capacity of 200,000 units. The products cover key assemblies such as medium and heavy trucks, engines, cabs, frames, axles, and gearboxes. Its products are long-distance transportation, regional distribution, intercity transportation, construction engineering and mining industry services. Dongfeng commercial vehicle products are an indispensable tool for professional operators to meet the needs of modern society and future operations.

Dongfeng Truck, is headquartered in Shiyan City, Провинция Хубэй, has 24,000 employees, China’s leading independent technology center and 10 factories and branches (subsidiaries). On January 26, 2015, Dongfeng Group and Volvo Group formed a new Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., ООО. with a share ratio of 55:45, dedicated to developing “Дунфэн” brand commercial vehicles as a world-renowned brand.

Business Scope of Dongfeng Company


Plants of Dongfeng:

Dongfeng Trucks Cab Plant

Dongfeng Trucks Frame Plant

Dongfeng Trucks Final Assembly Plant

Dongfeng Trucks Engine Plant

Dongfeng Trucks Gearboxes.

Dongfeng Bus Company

Dongfeng R & D

History of Dongfeng


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