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Dongfeng Tianlong Bulk Feed Transporter

Описание шасси

Конфигурация шасси: Дунфэн Tianlong original chassis, new luxury with sleeping cab, Cummins 315 мощный двигатель, Shantou 12-speed gearbox, dual 5-ton front axle, 10-тонна заднего моста, double-layer girder, 11.00R20 steel wire tires, 1850+4600 +1350мм колесная база, with original air conditioner. Optional: 270-292-315 мощный двигатель.

Инструкции по модификации

Modification configuration: The tank body is made of special volume plates for WISCO, which can be 40 cubic meters according to user requirements. It can be divided into multiple bins for loading and unloading a variety of different feeds. The electric auger type (three-phase electric Supporting place) or hydraulic auger type (no three-phase electric place). It is conveyed by augers (rotating blades), horizontal augers (feeding 273mm at the bottom of the horizontal tank), vertical augers (feeding 273mm), movable augers (feeding at the top 219mm) can rotate 180 degrees unilaterally and lift up and down Unloading speed: 500-600 kg/min, the unloading time of the whole vehicle is about 20 minutes. The unloading horizontal distance is 6.5 метры, and the vertical distance is more than 8.3 метры. A remote control can be installed, and the individual can complete the operation independently, and rotate or lift freely.

Подробное описание

Working principle of bulk feed truckElectric screw auger adopts 380V external power supply. The tank body is welded by cold-rolled steel plates. Various tonnage tank volumes can be made according to user requirements. The maximum tank volume can be 40 кубические метры. The tank body is divided into three independent standard configurations. Compartment.

Enterprise Trademark Ченг Ливэй наименование товара Tianlong 20 ton feed truck Стандарты выбросов Дизельное топливо
Модель автомобиля CLW5311ZSLD5 Модель шасси DFH1310A1 мощность двигателя 6700
модель двигателя Cumming ISL9.5-315E51A Мощность двигателя 232КВт 315 Лошадиные силы Общая масса (KG) 31000
Колесная база (мм) 1850+4600+1350 Коробка передач Шакман 12 шестерни Номинальная масса (KG) 15300
Кол-во шин 12 front 4 rear 8 Технические характеристики шин 11.00Шина из стальной проволоки R20 Снаряженная масса (KG) 15505

Vehicle size (мм )

12000*2500*3995 Максимальная скорость 98 Announcement date 20161028

Объем бака 40 кубические метры Unloading speed 500-600 kg/min
Vehicle unloading time 35 minutes Maximum elevation angle of unloading 70 degrees
Horizontal conveying distance 6.5 метры Unloading rotation angle 180 degrees on one side
Vertical conveying distance 8.3 метры Tank compartment

The standard configuration is divided into four bins, и 4 different feeds can be loaded at the same time

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The effective volume is 40 кубические метры, which can hold 20 тонны. It is equipped with 4 warehouses as standard. The electric screw auger discharges, the discharge pipe is inclined 70 degrees, the vertical discharge height is 8.5 метры, and the whole vehicle discharges in 35 minutes. Special configuration: Standard tank body made of carbon steel, the tank body volume is 40 cbm tanks, the standard configuration is divided into 4 independent compartments, using three-phase 380V electric screw auger discharge, the discharge speed is 1 cubic meter or more than 0.6 tons per minute, The discharge height is about 8.5 метры, which fully meets the filling needs of the feed tower of the breeding base!
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