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Дунфэн 6×4 flatbed transporter

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Equipped with Yuchai 240 Лошадиные силы, Ючай 270 мощный двигатель, fast eight-speed, ten-speed gearbox, optional 153 и 457 rear axles, the panel adopts 8mm thick checkered plate, and the surface is covered with anti-skid steel strips, so that you can transport It is safer. The rear of the vehicle is equipped with double ladders, which is convenient for the safety of the engineering vehicle. The vehicle has a Euro fuel notice and environmental protection notice. It can be licensed and applied for operation permits all over the Euro .

Инструкции по модификации

Дунфэн 6×4 wheel flatbed transporter: Fangtianjin D913 cab, which mainly transports some large and medium-sized excavators, loaders, harvesters and other non-removable objects; Дунфэн 6×4 wheeled flatbed transporter has a tonnage of 13.9 тонны, which has been tested and actual Can pull 27 tons of cargo, suitable for the transportation of objects with a load of 25 tons and below.

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Advantages of Dongfeng flatbed transporter: new cab, Euro five emission, low price, sturdy and reliable vehicle, and strong anti-turbulence!
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