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Dongfeng Furuika 8 Ton Flatbed Transport Truck

Описание шасси

Дунфэн Furica small Flatbed Transporter, tiltable cab, Юнней 130 двигатель, small eight-speed gearbox, front axle 3T, rear 8T, frame 230mm wide and 10mm frame plate. The tire is a wire tire 8.25R16, which drives the air brake clutch to assist. Общая масса: 4495кг, номинальная нагрузка: 1600кг, vehicle size: 5995*2310*2700мм

Инструкции по модификации

⑴ Bottom plate: the longitudinal beam is channel steel, the cross beam is a 100*100mm cbm tube, the upper part of the tire is an 8mm bending part; the bottom plate is a 5mm checkered plate, and the gearbox maintenance port is opened. The frame of the bottom plate is 16# Euro standard channel steel; the tail is 6 pieces of 8mm bending pieces side by side. ⑵ Front gantry: 12# channel steel is used for the frame of the gantry, round pipes are used for vertical supports, and outline lights are installed. ⑶ Climbing ladder: the ladder point does not exceed the size of the announcement, the ladder uses a 60*120*5mm cbm tube, with a width of 600mm; the ladder spacing is 600mm, and the height of the plane under the rear plate is more than 540mm.

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Flatbed trucks, also known as construction machinery trucks, flatbed trucks, and trailers, are mainly used to transport some non-detachable objects like excavators, loaders, and harvesters. Flatbed trucks are common large-scale trucks in life. This type of truck is generally widely used in large-scale production or engineering locations such as factories and construction sites. The strong load-bearing characteristics of flatbed trucks make them play an important role in the process of economic development. .
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