Qingling Isuzu 8 Ton Sweeping Truck

February 26, 202113:38:48Comments192
The Qingling Isuzu 8 ton cleaning and sweeping truck adopts the structure of four central sweeping brushes and rear suction cups, which makes the structure of the whole vehicle simple and convenient, and the cleaning effect is good. The garbage bin and water tank of the Isuzu high-pressure cleaning road sweeper are all made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion.
Detailed description

庆铃 Isuzu 8吨洗扫车图片
庆铃 Isuzu 8吨洗扫车图片
庆铃 Isuzu 8吨洗扫车图片
庆铃 Isuzu 8吨洗扫车图片

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