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Euro V Dongfeng Small Dolica 5 cbm Small Sprinkler

Chassis description

Dolica Euro VI 3308 chassis, Chaochai 130 horsepower, 7.00R16 steel wire tire, multi-function steering wheel, air brake, electric glass, central locking, original air conditioner.

Modification instructions

The tank is made of 4mm thick WISCO special plates, and the actual volume is 5 cbm meters. The sprinkler is equipped with front flushing (spraying) and rear sprinkling. The sprinkling width is ≥14 meters, with side spraying, and a working platform at the rear of the tank. Greening sprinklers are installed on the platform. The cannon and sprinkler can be rotated in all directions, with a range of ≥28 meters, and can be continuously adjusted into straight, heavy rain, light rain, drizzle, with safety guardrails, equipped with special sprinkler pumps, pumps can be self-priming and self-draining, filter screens, with fire protection The interface can be fed through the fire hydrant, with a self-flow valve, with self-priming and self-discharging function, vertical suction ≥ 7 meters; a 30-meter fog cannon unit is installed on the rear platform.

Detailed description
国六东风小多利卡5方 small 洒水车图片
国六东风小多利卡5方 small 洒水车图片
国六东风小多利卡5方 small 洒水车图片
国六东风小多利卡5方 small 洒水车图片
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