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  • Euro V Dongfeng Dolica D9 15 cbm water truck

    1.Cab:Dongfeng D9 series new cab


    3.Engine: Euro VI ( Euro VI) Yuchai 200 hp diesel engine/Cummins 210 hp diesel engine

    4.Gearbox:6-speed gearbox

    5.Axle:9T rear axle

    6.Tire:295 tubeless tires

    Sprinklers are also known as spray trucks, multi-functional sprinklers, garden greening sprinklers, water tankers, water trucks.

    • Specifications

    Introduction of  water truck’s Chassis description

    Adopting Dongfeng D9 series new cab, 3950mm wheelbase, equipped with Euro VI ( Euro VI) Yuchai 200 hp diesel engine/Cummins 210 hp diesel engine, 6-speed gearbox, 9T rear axle, 295 tubeless tires, direction assistance, air cut Brake, power window, central lock, ABS, original air conditioner, new GB7258 regulations.

    Modification instructions of  Dongfeng Dolica water truck

    The tank body is made of Q235B carbon steel, and the joints are made by automatic welding. The standard pipes are equipped with a sprinkler pump. It has a self-priming function. The maximum lift can reach 7 meters. The front spray, rear spray and rear high-pressure water cannon (Up to 30 meters away), it can be adjusted into a water column or mist.

    Detailed description of   15 cbm water truck

    国六东风多利卡D9 15方洒水车图片
    国六东风多利卡D9 15方洒水车图片
    国六东风多利卡D9 15方洒水车图片
    国六东风多利卡D9 15方洒水车图片
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