Euro Six Dongfeng Dolica 3- cbm water truck

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Tank volume: 3 cubic meters, front flush (spray), rear sprinkler, side spray (shower), back working platform, green sprinkler cannon installed on the platform (cannon spray shape can be adjusted: straight, heavy rain, moderate rain , Drizzle, foggy, continuously adjustable, 360°rotation), equipped with fire interface, self-flow valve, filter screen, with self-priming and self-draining function.
Chassis description

Dongfeng Xiaodolika Euro Six Sprinkler, using Dongfeng original chassis, D6 series new cab, using Dongfeng Chaochai upgraded CY4BK461 Euro Six emission engine, 95KW, 130 horsepower, Wanliyang 5-speed gearbox, 7.00 steel wire tires, Euro Six The vehicle adds DPF particle traps and a multi-function steering wheel on the basis of the Euro V.

Modification instructions

The sprinkler rushes forward (sprays) and then sprinkles, with side spray, and a working platform behind the tank. A green sprinkler is installed on the platform. The sprinkler can be rotated in all directions and can be continuously adjusted to direct, heavy rain, light rain, drizzle, and The safety guardrail is equipped with the Hangzhou Weilong high-power special sprinkler pump, which is the most famous in the Euro quality evaluation. The pump can be self-priming and self-draining. It is equipped with a filter. It has a fire interface. It can enter the water through a fire hydrant. It has a self-flow valve. The 20-meter greening reel can be sprayed with pesticides and can body metal paint.

Detailed description

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