EuroSix Dongfeng 5 Ton Asphalt Spreading Truck (Standard Type)

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Chassis description

Chaochai 170 horsepower, Wanliyang 6 gearbox, front axle 2.7 tons, rear axle 5.5 tons, original air conditioner, electric doors and windows, air brake, ABS

Detailed description

Product model: CLW5120GLQD6

Chassis model: Dongfeng Dolica

Spreading width: 4500mm

Asphalt spreading amount: 0.2 3.0L/m 2

heating: Italy imported diesel oil burner heating (100,000 kcal / h)

Spray medium : hot asphalt, modified asphalt , emulsified asphalt.

asphalt tank capacity: 5000- 6000L

Number of nozzles and control method: 34 (one control one )

Dimensions: 7 330 ×2300×2 750

Serial number


Model and specification



Car chassis





Chaochai 170 / Yuchai 165 horsepower



Asphalt tank





Cheng Lichan



Hydraulic Plunger Variable Pump

CBQ5 4 0-L (made in Tianjin)



Asphalt pump

QGB 4 50 (maximum displacement 4 50 L/min)



Asphalt pump hydraulic drive motor

05-90-BD31 (Ningbo)




Ria Road, Italy (G10)



Thermal oil pump

RY 25-25-160 (made in Hebei)


1 0


6 KW gasoline generator


1 1

control method

Rear working platform control system


1, the car uses Dongfeng DLK chassis, excellent carrying capacity of powerful, flexible and lightweight maneuverability, beautiful atmosphere, appearance, for the majority of intercity logistics customers with safe, efficient and reliable service;

2 ,Post-operating platformThe manual control mode can be realized for eachgroupIndividual nozzle control(Each group1Anozzle)To achieveIn generalArbitrarily adjust the width of spraying; The lift of the spray rod can be adjusted arbitrarily through the cylinder of the rear working platform.
3 .The heating system adopts burners imported from Italy, with automatic ignition and temperature control functions;
4 .Using inter Euro ly advanced imported high-viscosity asphalt pumps, external asphalt can be pumped into the tank to achieve " self-priming " and the asphalt in the tank can also be pumped out
5 .The key parts of the whole machine ( such as hydraulic pumpCBQ540-L, Hydraulic motor05-90-BD31, Asphalt pumpQGB680Wait) Are adoptedInter Euro ly renownedComponents to ensure the reliability of the whole machine and increase the service life;
6 .On the premise of ensuring that the maintenance and disassembly of other parts are not hindered, each part of the ladder and handrails are arranged for easy operation;
7 .All heat pipes are equipped with thermal insulation layer to reduce heat dissipation while avoiding scalding operators;
8 .Vehicle-mounted rapid heating system ( 10-15°C/h ), which can improve the heating efficiency and reduce the auxiliary time of construction to ensure the spreading temperature;
9 .The asphalt spraying rod adopts a three-stage folding structure. Double or multiple spraying can be realized by moving the spraying rod up and down. The spraying range can be expanded by moving the spraying rod left and right, and obstacles can be effectively avoided;
10 ,The manual spraying function allows the asphalt to be sprayed through the hand nozzle, which is flexible and convenient, and is suitable for small areas and corner construction conditions. Connect the hand spray gun. Open the main oil valve, open the transfer valve, open the oil return valve, and use the oil return valve to adjust the pressure of the spray gun.
11 ,The asphalt tank is equipped with a sedimentation drain, and is equipped with a liquid level display, al lift and safety devices;
12 ,The nozzle flushing function can blow the remaining bitumen from the nozzle through diesel fuel and high-pressure air to prevent the bitumen from freezing on the nozzle, which can greatly improve the service life of the nozzle. Close the main oil valve, the oil return valve, open the pneumatic valve, open the self-priming valve and open the nozzles in turn
13 ,Good insulation layer can ensure static insulation performance index≤12°C/8Hours, and anti-corrosion and durable;
14 ,The outer packaging of the car is made of stainless steel plate, which is anti-corrosion, durable and beautiful.

Precautions when using the equipment

1. The asphalt pump and pipeline must be cleaned when the spreader truck completes one operation or changes the construction site, otherwise it will not work next time.

2. Before spraying, the distributor must check whether the valve positions are correct.

The hot bitumen added to the bitumen tank must reach a working temperature of 160~180 ℃. For long-distance transportation or working time is too long, a heating device can be used for heat preservation, but it cannot be used as an oil melting furnace.

3. The asphalt tank cannot be filled too full, and the fuel filler cap must be closed tightly to prevent the asphalt from overflowing during transportation.

4. When using a burner to heat the asphalt in the tank, the height of the asphalt must exceed the upper plane of the combustion chamber, otherwise the combustion chamber will be burned out.

5. If the asphalt pump and pipeline are blocked by solidified asphalt, the pump can not be forced to rotate, but a blowtorch can be used for baking. Avoid directly baking ball valves and rubber parts.

6. When spraying asphalt at the beginning, start slowly and keep the car running at a low speed. Do not step on the accelerator violently to prevent damage to the clutch, asphalt pump and other components.

7. After the daily operation is completed, if there is remaining asphalt, it must be returned to the asphalt pool, otherwise it will not work next time if it solidifies in the tank. If the car or working device fails, it is determined that it cannot be repaired in a short time, and the asphalt in the tank must be drained.

HD pictures
illustrate in detail


CLW5120GLQD6 asphalt distributor is a semi-automatic high-tech product that professionally distributes emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt, high-viscosity modified asphalt, etc. It is used to spread the permeable oil, waterproof layer and adhesive layer of the bottom layer of asphalt pavement for high-grade highways. The distributor is composed of an automobile chassis, an asphalt tank, an asphalt pumping and spraying system, a heat conduction oil heating system, a hydraulic system, a combustion system, a control system, a pneumatic system, and an operating platform. The car is easy to operate, and on the basis of absorbing various technologies of similar products at home and abroad, it adds a humanized design that ensures the quality of construction and highlights the improvement of construction conditions and construction environment. Its reasonable and reliable design ensures the uniformity of asphalt distribution, computer control is stable and reliable, and the technical performance of the vehicle has reached the world's advanced level. The car has been improved in all aspects by our company and can work under more severe conditions.

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