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Fecal Suction Truck

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Kiama small Small 3 tons fecal suction truck

Chassis description

The new Isuzu-class 1580 white reversible single-row cab, equipped with Yunnei D20TCIF1 126 horsepower, China VI b emission engine (Dongfeng China VI 3308 Yunnei same model), Wanliyang 6-speed gearbox, smoother shifting, actual load The test climbs 30 degrees without pressure. The large power take-off window makes the gear fit more closely. 160 through beam, 3 tons rear axle, oil brake, ABS, 6.00R15 tires, original air conditioner, seat belt reminder, real-time monitoring of vehicle exhaust gas and uploading to the network terminal.

Modification instructions

WISCO's high-quality sheet material adopts a 5 ton vacuum pump or SK-6 water circulation pump with a 10-meter vacuum suction pipe.

Detailed description

The blue-brand fecal suction truck is not restricted by area and can work in the urban area during the day. Turning in the village, narrow roads are convenient for driving

凯马小型 small 3吨吸粪车图片
凯马小型 small 3吨吸粪车图片
凯马小型 small 3吨吸粪车图片
凯马小型 small 3吨吸粪车图片
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