Kiama 3 side hook lift garbage truck

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Chassis description

Microcar Ruiling 2018 1500 body new interior, 2560mm wheelbase, Liuzhou Wuling 87 horsepower, 5-speed transmission, 2 tons rear axle, 175R14 tubeless tires, straight-through riveted beams, original electronic assisted ABS

Modification instructions

High-strength alloy steel one-piece main hook lift , reinforced auxiliary beam, stronger load-bearing capacity, pneumatic power take-off switch, and rollers at the bottom of the box are cast in one time, high strength and not easy to damage. Manual + electronic control dual operating system, convenient and simple to use; the hydraulic cylinder completes the loading, unloading, locking, self-unloading and other operations, realizing the cyclic operation of one vehicle with multiple boxes.

Detailed description
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Equipped with a 3 cbm hook lift trash bin, made of Q235 Euro standard carbon steel plate produced by Wuhan Iron and Steel (optional stainless steel plate), side plate 2mm, bottom plate 3mm, the bottom of the box is fully welded, anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, and a water retaining plate is installed in the box Sewage does not leak. There are feeding windows on both sides of the box. The bottom of the box is equipped with cast steel rollers. The tail of the box is manually opened with quick locks. The shape of the box can be rhombus or arc. The color and spray of the box are all customized according to customer requirements.

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