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Flat Bed Truck

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Kama small Flatbed Transporter

  • Specifications
Chassis description

It adopts Capgemini 2030 single row, Yunnei 130 horsepower Euro five engine, 8-speed with auxiliary gearbox, 8 tons rear axle, 8.25R16 steel wire tire, air brake, direction assist, 200 double-layer beam, ABS, original air conditioner. The vehicle is 5.995×2.35×2.68 meters.

Modification instructions

The flat plate of our factory is supported by 100~120 cbm tubes, one every 25~30 cm. The upper plate surface: net length 3600-3800mm, width 2350mm, 5mm pattern anti-skid board. Ladder: Length 2000mm, width 600mm, the Euro standard torch-shaped steel plate adopts 5~8mm checkered plate, with simple legs, optional hydraulic folding ladder. The product quality is excellent, and the material has strong compressive resistance. , Equipped with double ladders and double springs. Prevent deformation and bending, strong, durable and longer life.

Detailed description
HD pictures
凯马 small 平板运输车图片
凯马 small 平板运输车图片
凯马 small 平板运输车图片
凯马 small 平板运输车图片
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Complete vehicle qualification certificate, chassis qualification certificate, Euro unified motor vehicle invoice, vehicle-mounted tools, maintenance/three guarantee manual, manual, Euro service station directory. Suitable for transporting 50-90 models of excavators and construction machinery within 10 tons
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