Kaima 4 ton compression docking garbage truck-4 cbm compression docking garbage truck

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Chassis description

Wheelbase 3300. Fuyunlai 1830 row semi-cab, Yunnei 115 horsepower, Wanliyang 530 with auxiliary transmission, 200mm double-layer girder, 1069 rear axle, 7.50R16 steel wire tire, air brake, direction assist, ABS original air conditioning

Detailed description

The docking garbage truck is also called the garbage compression station docking garbage truck . It is a special vehicle used for garbage transfer and unloading in the urban garbage compression station. The operating system of the truck is completed by a hydraulic control system. The control method can be manual or electric. Qikong, the collection and transportation method of the garbage truck is the garbage transfer method widely used in the garbage compression station in China.
1. The collection method is simple: change the dirty and old appearance of garbage cans all over the streets in the city, and prevent secondary pollution.

2. High compression ratio and large loading capacity: the maximum crushing pressure is up to 12 tons, and the loading capacity is equivalent to two and a half times of the same ton of non-compressed garbage.

3. Operation automation: The computer control system is adopted, and all loading and unloading operations require one driver to operate. Two operating modes can be set, fully automatic and semi-automatic, which not only reduces the labor intensity of sanitation workers, but also greatly improves the working environment.

4. Good economy: When the special equipment is working, the computer control system automatically controls the throttle.

5, double insurance system: the operating system has a computer control and manual manipulation of the dual function of large earth to protect and improve the utilization of the vehicle.

6. Turning mechanism: optional turning mechanism with trash can (or bucket)

HD pictures
凯马4吨压缩对接式垃圾车-4 cbm压缩对接式垃圾车图片
凯马4吨压缩对接式垃圾车-4 cbm压缩对接式垃圾车图片
凯马4吨压缩对接式垃圾车-4 cbm压缩对接式垃圾车图片
凯马4吨压缩对接式垃圾车-4 cbm压缩对接式垃圾车图片
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Kiama 4 ton HCQ5046ZDJKM5 compression docking garbage truck with a wheelbase of 3300. Fuyunlai 1830 row half-cab, Yunnei 115 horsepower, Wanliyang 530 with auxiliary transmission, 200mm double-layer girder, 1069 rear axle, 7.50R16 steel wire tires, air brake , Directional assistance, ABS original air conditioner. The fuel is environmentally friendly. The top is equipped with a wingspan flip cover, a hydraulic tail plate, and a flashlight for integrated operation. The volume reaches 5 cbm meters. Internal dimensions of the box: 3.1*1.85*0.85m

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