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Aerial Bucket Truck

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Jiangling 32m aerial platform truck

  • Specifications
Chassis description

Brief description of the component name Chassis Jiangling Shunda engine diesel engine, maximum power 85KW, emission, turbocharged cab double-row seats, can seat 5 people, the cab is equipped with driving record system, platform skid, platform power take-off system, hydraulic operation Platform 1100×1000×450(mm) 7-section synchronous telescopic boom type double luffing oil cylinder, arm lifting and lowering, turning more stable, front outrigger with 90 degrees left and right outriggers, two-section H-type telescopic outrigger, Separately adjustable, automatic hydraulic operation work platform and ground remote control electric operation, turntable hydraulic operation radiator can be manually, when the temperature reaches 55 degrees, automatically heat dissipation

Modification instructions

Brief description of the name The automatic interlocking device for getting on and off is used to interlock for getting on and off to prevent misoperation from being dangerous. The horizontal state tester can detect the inclined state of the whole vehicle in both horizontal and vertical directions. The ladder limit alarm device is automatically extended when the ladder reaches the limit. Alarm prompt: Emergency braking device is used to force stop platform operation. One-button ignition and flameout. On the console, the engine can be ignited and flameout can be controlled. Night safety lighting device is equipped with engineering lighting lamp on the ladder arm. Safety warning device is used for warning support. Legs are not closed as required

Detailed description

Also known as ladder truck ladder truck, aerial transport car, truck, ladder moving car. The vehicle is mainly used for engineering leasing, curtain wall construction, roof waterproofing, solar installation, advertising anti-aircraft artillery, electric maintenance, air-conditioning installation, moving company, cement and sand transportation, ship maintenance,

Road and bridge repairs, etc. Operating range up to 30/32 meters high equivalent

10-11 floors, the maximum carrying cargo weight is 400 kg.

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The ladder truck is also called the ladder truck, the aerial transport truck, the aerial work truck, and the ladder moving truck. The vehicle is mainly used for engineering leasing, curtain wall construction, roof waterproofing, solar installation, advertising antiaircraft artillery, electrical maintenance, air conditioning installation, moving companies, cement and sand transportation, ship maintenance, road and bridge repairs, etc. The working range is up to 30/32 meters high, equivalent to 10-11 floors, and the maximum cargo weight is 400 kg.
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