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Isuzu one for one small wrecker truck

  • Specifications
Chassis description

Isuzu 100 single-row cab, wheelbase 3360mm, 4JB1CN Isuzu 98 horsepower engine, Isuzu MSB five-speed transmission, heating and cooling air conditioning, front axle 2-2.5 tons, rear axle 3-4.8 tons, standard 700-15 tires, frame section : 172*65*4mm, oil brake with vacuum booster pump, audio: radio with USB interface.

Modification instructions

The vehicle has a maximum towing mass of 5 tons and a maximum lifting capacity of 2.8 tons. The structure is a supporting and hoisting joint type, and adopts the advanced double hinge point mechanism of the United States. The supporting arm can be folded when the supporting arm is loaded; the boom section adopts a hexagonal shape. Its strength and stability are far greater than the quadrilateral structure.

Detailed description

Parameters of Isuzu One Tow One Wrecker Truck

HD pictures
 Isuzu 一拖一小型清障车图片
 Isuzu 一拖一小型清障车图片
 Isuzu 一拖一小型清障车图片
 Isuzu 一拖一小型清障车图片
illustrate in detail
3T3D2 towing crane combined body top, two six-sided booms, integral car body, 1 vertical toolbox on the left and right, double-sided linkage operating device, front bumper with counterweight, 3 rear working lights, 1 A 30KN hydraulic winch (25m steel wire rope), 1 hand washing box, 2 trolleys, 1 pair of L-shaped tire holders, 2 binding straps, 1 pair of forks, 1 pair of fork seats, 1 chain hook, 1 A long line of engineering lights (LED).
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