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Hook Lift Truck

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Hook lift garbage truck

  • Specifications
Chassis description

Class two chassis, each wheelbase.

Modification instructions

With remote manipulator, manganese steel profile for the boom, Luzhou Zhongda or Yantai future cylinder, reinforced rear outrigger, all shaft sleeves are galvanized, and the whole is painted.

Detailed description

A. Advanced structure and hydraulic system design.

B. All operations can be remotely operated ( 30 meters range) , and the operation is simple and convenient.

C. Adequate anti-corrosion treatment measures for structural parts : steel components are sprayed with high-quality paint; metal parts (shaft connectors, hard tubing, hose fittings, bolt joints, etc.) are treated with anti-corrosion and galvanized .

D. Integral castings are used in many places where the friction between the pull lift hook and the box body is relatively concentrated. Castings have good mechanical properties and excellent friction and lubrication properties


E. Kinematics characteristics

( 1) The carriage can slide a certain distance horizontally on the guide rail

( 2) Horizontal sliding can be used to effectively reduce the height of the center of gravity of the truck during the dumping and loading and unloading process

( 3) Carriages with a larger length range can be mounted, thereby improving vehicle utilization. 

F. Safety device

( 1) The total pressure of the system and each unit valve block are equipped with overload protection.

( 2) Lifting cylinders, sliding cylinders, rear box lock cylinders and rear stabilizing devices are equipped with load holding valves. (3) A hydraulic interlock is set between the functional circuits of hook lift sliding, box self-unloading, loading and unloading box body and rear box locking to avoid misoperation.

( 3) Hook: high-strength design, integral manufacturing. The contact surface curve fits the actual movement trajectory, and the hanging and unloading of the box is simpler and more reliable; the hook is equipped with a mechanical gravity safety device to ensure safety and reliability.

( 4) The special mechanism design ensures that the hook lift and the flip frame are reliably separated and locked during the loading and unloading of the box and the self-unloading process .



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The detachable garbage truck adopts a fully enclosed garbage bin, which can be hoisted and unloaded from the chassis. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient and flexible operation, safety and reliability, and high degree of mechanization, so it has high work efficiency, and can prevent misoperation, avoid accidents, save manpower and reduce the labor intensity of workers. Due to its special structure and working method, it can effectively avoid secondary pollution and noise pollution during loading and transportation, which is extremely beneficial to environmental protection. It is a new type of garbage collection and transportation vehicle.
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