Heavy Duty Truck 6×4 Towing Crane Combined Wrecker

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Chassis description

SINOTRUK HOWO HW76 luxury with sleeping cab, 10-speed gearbox, original air conditioner, thickened high-strength front bumper, front fog lamp, adjustable crystal headlights, wide-angle rearview mirror, front pavement mirror, 12.00-20 Original nylon tires.

Modification instructions

The lifting weight of the car is 25T, the maximum lifting weight is 18T, the farthest lifting weight is 8T, and the maximum lifting height is 6500mm. The structure of the whole vehicle is a combined type of supporting and hoisting, and adopts the advanced double hinge point mechanism of the United States, which can fold the supporting arm when the supporting arm is loaded; the cross-section of the boom adopts a hexagonal type, and its strength and stability are both large and four-sided structure.

Detailed description

Parameters of heavy truck rear double bridge towing crane combined wrecker truck

HD pictures
illustrate in detail
The whole vehicle is a 16T18D2 conjoined top, two six-sided booms, three support arms, split carriages, double-sided linkage operating devices, front bumpers with counterweights, 3 rear working lights, and 1 hand-washing box. Equipped with 2 100KN hydraulic winches (40m steel wire rope), 1 U-shaped tire holding device, 5 pairs of forks, 1 pair of fork seats, 2 chain hooks, 1 long-row engineering police light, and 1 auxiliary light assembly , 1 set of auxiliary brake air pipe assembly, optional engineering yellow (red and blue) long row of warning lights (LED).

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