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Dongfeng Tianjin 12 cbm compressed garbage truck Euro VI

Dongfeng Tianjin 12 cbm compressed garbage truck Euro VI


Paramètres techniques du véhicule
nom du produit Dongfeng Tianjin compressed garbage truck Modèle de véhicule CLW5181ZYSD6
Masse totale (Kg) 18000kg Qualité de charge nominale (Kg) 7505,7570kg
Poids à vide (Kg) 10300kg Vehicle size (mm) 8780×1680×1040mm


Paramètres techniques du châssis
Nom du châssis Dongfeng Tianjin Tank volume 12-14 cbm
Nombre d'axes 2 Nombre de pneus 6
Empattement (mm) 4700mm Tyre model 10.00Pneu en fil d'acier R20
Vitesse maximum (km / h) 90 Type de carburant Diesel
Normes d'émission Euro Six Puissance du moteur Cummins 210 puissance
Télécharger la configuration
Configuration du châssis:
It adopts the original Dongfeng chassis, Dongfeng Tianjin row semi-cab, 4700empattement mm, Cummins 210 horsepower Euro six engine, 6-boîte de vitesses, 1000R20 steel tires, 4.5 essieu avant, 9 tonnes essieu arrière, with original ABS and air conditioning.
Télécharger la configuration:
Arc-shaped box, the volume of the tank is 12 mètres cubes (14 cubic meters is optional), made of T420 special high-strength steel plate, the thickness of the box is 4, the bottom is 5, and the side of the box is integrally bent without welds on the upper and lower sides. One year replacement for oil leakage (Xiamen Yinhua or Yantai Future), Zhongmei multi-way valve, Changyuan hydraulic oil pump, photoelectric switch, lifter cylinder with two-way hydraulic lock, using imported Siemens PLC electronic control system (with One-key operation, and manual operation two control methods), electric control operation box. The U-shaped bucket of the filler is made of 5 mm thick steel plate, the rear is equipped with a bucket rack, and the Euro standard 240-liter plastic bucket is hung. It is equipped with night lights, and a sealing strip is installed between the garbage bin and the filler. Two-way compression function, the push plate automatically retracts when working to ensure uniform garbage density in the bin. 2 sewage tanks, the rear loader has a diversion groove and a water receiving tank, and the sewage enters the lower sewage tank of the loader (welded with the loader as a whole). There is a concave sink guide in the compression box, and the sewage is diverted to the sewage tank on the side of the chassis beam.
Service après-vente: There are 1,300 after-sales service outlets nationwide, and the service is thoughtful, allowing you to worry-free after sales!
Quality Assurance:

The inter Euro top-notch configuration of the big brand

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