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Camion à ordures

» Camion à ordures

Dongfeng special bottom 10 cbm Euro six compression garbage truck

Dongfeng special bottom 10 cbm Euro six compression garbage truck


Paramètres techniques du véhicule
nom du produit Dongfeng special bottom camion à ordures à compression Modèle de véhicule CLW5182ZYSD6
Masse totale (Kg) 18000kg Qualité de charge nominale (Kg) 7370,7505,7570kg
Poids à vide (Kg) 10500,10300kg Vehicle size (mm) 8600×2550×3200mm


Paramètres techniques du châssis
Nom du châssis libération Modèle de châssis DFV1183GP6DJ
Nombre d'axes 2 Nombre de pneus 6
Empattement (mm) 3950, 4200, 4500, 4700, 5100 Tyre model 10.00R20 18PR,275/80R22.5 18PR
Vitesse maximum (km / h) 89 Type de carburant Diesel
Normes d'émission Euro Six Puissance du moteur Yuchai 160 puissance
Télécharger la configuration
Configuration du châssis: Dongfeng special bottom row semi-turnable cab, equipped with a 4-cylinder Yuchai 160-horsepower diesel engine, 3950empattement mm, eight-gear box, abdos, frein pneumatique, frein pneumatique, rotation dynamique, clutch assist, 10.00Pneus R20, with urea tank And an exhaust gas purification system that meets the Euro VI emission standards.
Télécharger la configuration: The thickness of the trash bin is 3 mm, the thickness of the bottom plate is 4 mm, high-strength steel, and the effective volume is 10 mètres cubes. The arc-shaped box or the cbm box can be selected. It adopts electric, gas and liquid combined control, and has two complete sets of manual and electric operation. System; the rear loading system is a one-key cycle operation, one set for the left and right sides of the car; a set of electric unloading operating system in the cab; one loading cycle time: ≤40s, trash dumping time: ≤45s, rear turning mechanism: hanging Standard 120 liters plastic bucket/240 liters plastic bucket/660 liters plastic bucket/200 liters iron bucket/260 liters iron bucket, ordinary flipping bucket, fully sealed flipping bucket; both the lower part of the rear filler and the lower part of the trash bin are equipped Sewage collection tank, a total of two sewage tanks; easy to collect sewage in the carriage. Optional ordinary sealing cover, pneumatic sealing cover, hydraulic sealing.
Configuration optionnelle: 1. Hanging bucket flip structure. 2. Fully floor-standing garbage hopper. 3. Dustpan type garbage hopper. 4. Swing arm type garbage hopper.
Service après-vente: There are 1,300 after-sales service outlets nationwide, and the service is thoughtful, allowing you to worry-free after sales!
Quality Assurance:

The inter Euro top-notch configuration of the big brand

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