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Dongfeng Duolika D9 swing arm garbage truck Euro VI

Dongfeng Duolika D9 swing arm garbage truck Euro VI

东风多利卡D9 skip loader

Paramètres techniques du véhicule
nom du produit Dongfeng D9 swing arm garbage truck Modèle de véhicule CLW5180ZBS6
Masse totale (Kg) 18000 Nombre de passagers 3 gens
Masse nominale (Kg) 11250,11185 Vitesse maximum (km / h) 105
Poids à vide (Kg) 6620 Dimensions (mm) 7360×2500×3310
Effective volume 8 mètres cubes Swing arm bucket material High-quality Wuhan Iron and Steel

东风多利卡D9 skip loader图片

Paramètres techniques du châssis
Nom du châssis Dongfeng Modèle de châssis EQ1185LJ9CDE
Nombre de pneus 6 Spécifications des pneus 10.00R20
Normes d'émission Euro Six Type de carburant Diesel
modèle de moteur Kangji 210 puissance Empattement (mm) 3950
Box thickness 4mm or 5mm Boîte de vitesses 6 engrenages
Télécharger la configuration
Télécharger la configuration: It adopts Dongfeng Dolica D9 cab, Kangji 210 moteur de puissance, 3950empattement mm, abdos, frein pneumatique, rotation dynamique, clutch assist, 10.00R20 steel wire tires.
Configuration optionnelle: The swing arm bucket is made of high-quality WISCO materials. The effective volume is 8 mètres cubes. It is equipped with a unified supporting hydraulic lifting assembly. The Euro unified swing arm type garbage hopper can be loaded and transported through the left and right arms. It can be multi-bucket with one truck and self-unloading. Function to achieve safety and stability, reliable performance. The garbage bucket body is divided into different types of garbage buckets configured according to the swing arm type and the pit-ground dual-purpose configuration. It can be equipped with a sealing cover to prevent leakage and flying pollution, so as to adapt to the requirements of different environments. It adopts domestic leading technology and military industry accessories, and the quality is reliable. The rear part of the car body is equipped with hydraulic outriggers, which enhances the safety of the garbage hopper when unloading. There are 4 special unloading steel chain hoisting rings installed on the swing arm frame, which saves space and is convenient to operate. The left and right sides of each garbage hopper are welded with 4 high-strength hoisting pins for hoisting, which is safe and stable for hoisting and unloading. .
东风多利卡D9 skip loader
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