Foton small 2000 liters road sweeper

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Parameter configuration table and picture display of Foton small 2000 liters road sweeper

Foton small 2000 liters road sweeper
Foton small 2000 liters road sweeper
Foton small 2000 liters road sweeper

1. Basic configuration and main parameters Foton small 2000 liters road sweeper:                                                





Chassis model and category

Type II vehicle chassis (Foton light truck 2300 wheelbase)

engine model

engine power





Auxiliary engine model

Wuxi Cape D800



The maximum working speed of the engine





Special centrifugal fan

Transmission form

The auxiliary engine is driven by the propeller shaft, automatic clutch and narrow V-belt

Hydraulic system


Open type, electro-hydraulic control centralized control

main components

Gear pumps, cycloid motors, hydraulic cylinders, solenoid valves, manifolds, hand pumps, etc.

sprinkler system


Electric water pump, nozzle, water filter, water tank

Electrical system


It is composed of chassis car circuit, auxiliary engine and special working device operation control circuit








There are 4 vertical sweeping discs, two on each of the two symmetrical positions of the frame. The rotation of the sweeping discs is driven by a hydraulic motor, and the speed is adjustable.

Brush diameter


Sweeping speed

High-grade: 110r/min mid-grade; 80 r/min low- grade: 60 r/min

Sweep inclination adjustment

Forward leaning 4°~6° Leaning 2°~4°6°~10°




Horseshoe follow-up nozzle

Straw diameter


Ground clearance at the edge of the nozzle in working condition


trash can volume

1.5 cubic

Tank volume

0.5 cubic


2. Technical performance and structural characteristics:


1. Maximum cleaning width: 2.2m. The fuel consumption of cleaning operation is as low as less than 3.5L per 10,000 square meters

2. Maximum cleaning capacity: 45000m2/h

3. Cleaning speed: 3-25km/h

4. Cleaning efficiency: ≥95%

5. Maximum inhalation particle size: 100mm

6. The maximum discharge angle of the garbage bin: 55°

7. The dustbin and water tank are made of stainless steel plate. A filter screen is installed inside the trash can, which can effectively prevent light objects such as leaves and plastic bags from blocking the air vents and discharging dust.

8. The lifting and lowering of the suction nozzle is a fully floating design, which can follow the unevenness of the road surface during the cleaning operation to ensure that the gap with the ground remains unchanged.

9. Water spray devices are installed on the 4 cyclone brushes for spray dust reduction. The sweeping brush has the functions of anti-collision avoidance and automatic reset, and the speed of the sweeping disc is adjustable, which can work at the same time, and the front and rear sweeps can also work separately.

10. The trash can is lifted by double oil cylinders; it is equipped with a safety strut for the trash can;

11. A manual pump emergency system is installed, which can lift the garbage bin even when the auxiliary engine is stopped, which is convenient for maintenance.

12. The auxiliary engine and fan use automatic clutch to reduce the impact on the engine when the fan starts and stops.

13. The auxiliary engine is equipped with a pre-filter to improve the air intake quality of the engine; the main and auxiliary engine air inlets are located at the top of the cab to ensure the clean air intake of the engine and prolong the service life

14. The rear of the road sweeper adopts arrow warning lights to ensure the safety of driving operations;

15. The road sweeper mainly adopts the combination of wet dust removal and suction and sweep.

Sweeper configuration Foton small 2000 liters road sweeper:

Wuxi Cape auxiliary engine, Sino-foreign joint venture Eaton cycloid motor, stainless steel water tank, Taiwan Kezheng solenoid valve group, optional Siemens or domestic control switch, Beijing fan, Shanghai Jiaxing electronic water pump, Shanghai Rundao hydraulic cylinder. Imported parts of solenoid valve group; hydraulic pipeline adopts German standard technical sealing structure, which has long service life, stable and reliable, and low failure rate; hydraulic components adopt integrated superposition design, and the cab is controlled by electro-hydraulic centralized control, which is convenient to operate; the sweeping disc can be operated according to the ground The severity of the sediment and the driving speed select the cleaning method of the sweeping disc; the suction nozzle is a rear floating type, which can be automatically adjusted to adapt to the uneven ground; the adjustable mist sprays water pressure dust, which can save water and eliminate the secondary Pollution.

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