Foton era 4 tons sewage suction truck

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The tank body of the small high-pressure cleaning vehicle is cylindrical, made of 5mm thick high-quality carbon steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., with a sight tube at the rear of the tank body, and the rest are made according to the factory standard configuration. Equipped with high-power high-pressure pump and high-quality hydraulic system
Chassis description

Use the original Futian era chassis

Modification instructions

The special part of Foton era small sewage suction truck consists of pressure tank body (using Euro standard 5mm thick carbon steel plate, stainless steel tank and plastic lined tank can be selected), vacuum sewage suction pump, power take-off, transmission shaft, water and gas separator, oil and gas separation It is composed of air filter, multi-way reversing valve, sewage valve, visual pollution window, vacuum pressure gauge, pipe network system, hydraulic system, hand washing device, etc., equipped with high-power vacuum sewage suction pump and high-quality hydraulic system, tank head One-time die-casting, the tank can be opened hydraulically, and the double top hydraulic self-unloading.

Detailed description
Foton era 4 tons sewage suction truck
Foton era 4 tons sewage suction truck
Foton era 4 tons sewage suction truck
Foton era 4 tons sewage suction truck

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