Foton Auman 8 cbm cement mixer truck

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Engine advantages: Weichai's 336-hp National Five EFI engine has authentic Euro IV emission standards, with strong engine power, faster upgrade, more economical and fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and pollution-free! Gearbox advantages: Fast 9-speed gearbox, large torque, fast climbing, international quality, high quality, light operation. Mixer gear reducer: international imported brands, German Rexroth, Italian PMP, Italian Bonfiglioli, etc., carrying capacity Strong, low failure rate Mixer hydraulic system: All use internationally renowned hydraulic systems, German Rexroth, American Eaton, American Sao, Italian PMP liquid system, tank operation is more stable, the unloading speed is faster, and the residual rate is low!
Chassis description

Foton Auman 8 cbm mixer Parameter name: Foton Auman 8 cbm mixer Model: 8 cbm concrete mixer Engine: Weichai 336 horsepower Dimensions: 85002500x3850mm Transmission: Shacman Gear 9-speed gearbox Volume: 8 cbm (8 cbm) Mixer truck) Front axle: 7.5 tons cab: Foton Auman cab rear axle: 16 tons Brake: air brake wheelbase: 3850+1350mm steering: direction assistant axle number: 3 (three axles) speed: 83 (km/ h) Drive: (6×4) Retrofit: ABS (anti-lock braking) Number of tires: 11 Tires: 12.00R20/12.00-20 Chassis emission standard: ( Euro Five Standard-No worries on the card)

Modification instructions

Tank parameters (8- cbm mixer truck) Tank material: Alloy steel (special wear-resistant material---increasing tank life more than 3 times) Cylinder material: 16 manganese steel 6mm alloy steel Blade material: Baosteel 520 5mm alloy steel ( Add wear-resistant strips to increase service life) Head material: 8mm alloy steel reducer: German ZF reducer/Italy Bonfiglioli PMP (pure import) Hydraulic system: German Rexroth,/Eaton/Sao/PMP(Italy) Pure import) Water supply system: 400L water tank air pressure water supply and heat dissipation system: Kaitong radiator/Xinxiang radiator Feeding speed: Feeding speed m3/min≥3 Discharging speed: Discharging speed m3/min ≥ 2 Discharge residual rate: Discharge residual rate (%) ≤0.5 Operation mode: Three-way operation on the left and right sides and the cab. Discharge range: 180°, up and down, left and right height adjustment safety device: additional leakage receiving device

Detailed description

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