Foton 4 tons sewage suction truck

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The tank body of the small high-pressure cleaning vehicle is cylindrical, made of 5mm thick high-quality carbon steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., with a sight tube at the rear of the tank body, and the rest are made according to the factory standard configuration. Equipped with high-power high-pressure pump and high-quality hydraulic system
Chassis description

Foton Xiangrui's new chassis, flat-head single-row cab, manual flip, Quanchai 98 horsepower engine, air brake, 7.00-16 tires. With directional power assist, with booster, without air conditioning, 5-speed gearbox, 2-ton front axle, 5-ton rear axle.

Modification instructions

The special part of the sewage suction truck consists of a pressure tank body (using the Euro standard 5mm thick carbon steel plate, stainless steel tanks, and plastic lining tanks), vacuum sewage pumps, power take-offs, transmission shafts, water and gas separators, oil and gas separators, and more Road reversing valve, sewage valve, dirt sight window, vacuum pressure gauge, pipe network system, hydraulic system, hand-washing device, etc., equipped with high-power vacuum sewage suction pump and high-quality hydraulic system, and the tank head is once die-casted , The tank body can be opened hydraulically, and the double top hydraulic self-unloading.

Detailed description
Foton 4 tons sewage suction truck
Foton 4 tons sewage suction truck
Foton 4 tons sewage suction truck
Foton 4 tons sewage suction truck

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