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Ford rescues V348 long-axis high-roof ambulance

  • Specifications
Chassis description

1 Product model name CLW ambulance 2 Chassis model JX6581T-H4 3 Color white 4 Engine working mode High pressure common rail 5 Fuel type Diesel 6 Displacement (ml)/power (kw) 2402/103 7 Emission standard Euro IV 8 Dimensions ( mm) (length×width×height) 5780*2000*2810 9 cabin size (mm) (length×width×height) 3150×1750×1850 10 number of leaf springs -/2 11 number of tires 4 12 tire size 215/ 75R16C 13 Wheelbase (front/rear) (mm) 1740/1704 14 Wheelbase (mm) 3750 15 Axle load (kg)-16 Axle number 2 17 Steering type steering wheel 18 Total mass (kg) 3490 19 Curb weight (kg) 2640 20 Rated passenger (including driver) (person) 42530 21 Approach angle/departure angle 22/24 22 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 933/1097 23 Maximum speed (km/h) 145 24 Transmission 6 front, 1 inversion 25 Fuel tank capacity (L) 80 26 ABS brake system has 28 central control door lock has 29 cab electric doors and windows have 30 driver seat airbag has 31 remote control key has 32 cab original heating and cooling system has 33, reversing radar has 35 Three seats in the cab have 36 CD player 37, rear door double opening 180 degree opening, 38 rear door and side door foot pedal side door optional

Modification instructions

Roof warning lights and lighting system 1 100W all-blue warning lights and 1 set of alarm controller installed in the front cockpit 2 Inlaid LED blue flashing lights installed on the left and right sides of the front of the roof optional 3 Installation on the left and right sides of the rear of the roof Inlaid LED blue flashing light optional 4 cbm LED blue flashing light installed on both sides of the front bumper optional 5 Roof rear high brake lights 2 sets 6 AMBULANCE blue reflective English lettering is installed horizontally in the middle of the front of the roof 1 set 7 Install 2 exterior lighting lamps at the middle doors on the left and right sides of the roof 8 Install a ring-shaped ultraviolet sterilization lamp on the roof of the medical cabin 9 1 set of independent heating and cooling air-conditioning systems in the medical cabin 10 Install 1 set of ventilation systems in the medical cabin 11 In the medical cabin Install two sets of daylighting lamps, 2 12, medical cabins are equipped with 1000W on-board intelligent inverter system, providing 24-hour uninterrupted power supply. 1 set of 13 medical cabins with AC 220v sockets and DC 12V sockets (3 220v sockets, 2 12v sockets) Set of body logos 1 small or red reflective film and first aid logos are pasted around the body (specially specified by the user) 1 set of first aid cabin interior 1 Medical cabin interiors are made of polymer one-time molding environmental protection materials 1 set 2 Medical cabin floor is acid and alkali resistant 1 set of sea-blue floor leather with fireproof, non-slip, anti-static 3 Separate the front and rear compartments between the cab and the medical cabin. There are two sliding windows on the partition wall. 1 set of 4 intercom system (with megaphone) 1 set of 5 A set of one-time white wall cabinets are installed on the left and front of the medical cabin, and 1 set of air-conditioning ducts are installed on the right. 6 Two sets of hidden folding infusion racks are installed on the top of the medical cabin. 4 Safety armrests are installed on the top of the medical cabin. 8 Medical cabins 1 set of medicine cabinets are installed in the front of the left side. 9 A set of drawer cabinets and a first aid box are installed in the front of the medical cabin. 10 A rear-facing doctor’s monitoring chair is installed directly behind the partition wall of the medical cabin. 11 The left side of the medical cabin An oxygen cylinder cabinet is installed at the rear (two 10L oxygen cylinders are installed inside, including a pressure reducing valve) 1 set 12 Two sets of oxygen terminal ports are installed in the middle of the left side of the medical cabin, including humidification bottles (which can be directly used by patients and ventilators) 1 set 13 On the right rear of the medical cabin, a long seat for three persons or one person to lie down is installed, including safety belts, including 1 set of foam cushions. 14 The seat installed after the central partition includes 1 set of safety belts. 15 1 set of automatic stretcher 16 1 set of stainless steel flat plate laid under the stretcher 17 1 set of scoop stretcher 18 1 set of folding stretcher 19 equipped with 1kg fire extinguisher and 1 set of fixed bracket

Detailed description

Product configuration:

1. Appearance: Modified Fuxing high-top, embedded LED warning light assembly, oval white and blue spotlights, etc.

2. Ambulance system: automatic loading stretcher, scoop stretcher, infusion bottle holder, oxygen integrated control assembly, etc.

3. Auxiliary facilities: walkie-talkie system, multi-function ventilating fan, boarding pedal assembly, control switch, ultraviolet disinfection lamp, etc.

4. User groups: hospitals and emergency centers at all levels.

HD pictures
illustrate in detail
This ambulance adopts Ford’s new generation V348 Transit long-axle high-top chassis, diesel engine, and is a monitoring type ambulance.
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