FLM5160TXSD5NG 16-ton washing and sweeping truck

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Fulongma focuses on creating high-quality road cleaning and cleaning models. Adopting the company's patent-V-type nozzle cleaning technology, it is an all-round cleaning equipment that integrates the functions of a road sweeper and a high-pressure cleaning vehicle. It can complete cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, garbage and sewage collection in one operation. It is especially suitable for the cleaning of urban road pavement, road shoulders and road shoulder stone facades, and can recover the cleaning sewage. The model has a number of patents, stable performance, and technology is in a leading position in China
Chassis description

FLM5160TXSD5NG type washing and sweeping vehicle chassis parameters Chassis model EQ1160GD5NJ Fuel type NG Axle number 2 Front track (mm) 1876 Wheelbase (mm) 4500, 4950, 5100, 5200, 5600, 3800 Rear track (mm) 1860 Tire number 6 Tire Specifications 10.00-20 16PR, 10.00R20 16PR, 295/80R22.5 18PR

Modification instructions

FLM5160TXSD5NG type washing and sweeping vehicle (FLM5160TXSD5NG) product main technical data Product name FLM5160TXSD5NG type washing and sweeping vehicle (FLM5160TXSD5NG) External dimensions (mm) 9020, 9420×2500×3120 Chassis model EQ1160GD5NJ Cargo compartment size (mm) × × Front passenger 3 Rated passenger (person) Total mass (kg) 16000 Approach/departure angle (°) 14/11 Rated mass (kg) 2665, 2530, 2565 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 1430/2390 Curb weight (kg) 13140 ,13275,13240 Maximum speed (km/h) 90 Emission standard GB11340-2005, GB18285-2005, GB17691-2005 Euro V

Detailed description

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