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FAW flatbed wrecker truck 7ton Roll-off wrecker truck

Wheel base(mm):3600
Overall dimention(mm): 5995×2300×2250
Gross vehicle weight(kg):4495
Loading capacity:7ton
the four after eight catchers one-piece wrecker is a very practical rescue equipment that can carry out rescue operations in various road conditions.

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Street writer power engineering vehicle, also known as trailer, is a road clearing vehicle that consists of a chassis, a walking and lifting device, a lifting and pulling device, a hydraulic system, an electronic control system, a vehicle body, and a toolbox. It has multiple functions such as lifting, pulling, and lifting and guiding, and is suitable for clearing obstacles on highways and urban roads.

Key Features:

1.Chassis configuration: Liberation Tiger VN/1900 wide body cab, Xichai 140 horsepower engine, Wanliyang 6-speed transmission, 3600 wheelbase, 6-ton rear axle, 5+5 original double-layer beam, 700/16 steel wire tires, electric doors and windows, remote key, multifunctional steering wheel, cruise control, airbag seats, Liberation patent pneumatic urea tank!

2.Top configuration: Heavy load 7-ton one trailer two top, easy to carry engineering equipment up to 8 tons, board length of 5.6 meters, width of 2.3 meters, 14mm frame, 10mm manganese steel sliding groove (reinforced with 8mm steel plate outside the horn mouth), field grid under the board, 5mm thick wear-resistant patterned plate, flat telescopic oil cylinder 110 # lifting oil cylinder 110 #, solid through shaft hydraulic flipping at the tail, triangular diagonal support encryption, standard sinking plate technology!

3.Lowering the center of gravity of the flat plate, equipped with a standard 4-ton winch, a 4-ton rear support arm, and a Zhongmei hydraulic multi way valve. Accompanying accessories: one pair of auxiliary carts, one pair of triangular tire guards, two rear work lights, one set of gantry edge lights, and four high-quality straps!



Vehicle Name Faw 4×2 Emergency Recovery Wrecker Truck
Brand Faw
Engine Power &


Engine Model Xi-chai 140 horsepower engine
  Engine Brand Xi-chai
  Fuel Type Diesel
  Displacement / Power 2.596L / 400HP
  Engine Type 4 Cylinders Inline
  Emission Stand EuroⅡ
  Number of Gears 12 Forward, 2 Reverse
Chassis Wheelbase (mm) 3600
  Drive Type 4×2 LHD
  No. of Axles 4
  Axles Loading 9.5T+16T×2
  Cab Seats 2,3
  Max Speed (km/h) 95
  Tire 7.00R16
  Tire No.’s 12+1 Spare
Whole Truck Gross Weight (kg) 4495
  Curb Weight (kg) 2850
  Overall Dimension (mm) 5995×2300×2250
  Truck Loading Approach 7T
Wrecker Truck , ,

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