Sinotruk synchronous gravel sealing truck

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Chassis description

Sinotruk Howo chassis, Steyr 310 horsepower engine, 10-speed gearbox, rear eight wheels, 6x4 , wheelbase: 4600+1350mm, with ABS, driving recorder, original air conditioner.

Modification instructions

The synchronous gravel truck is mainly composed of an asphalt spreading system, a stone spreading system, an electrical operating system, and an auxiliary machine system. Asphalt Spreading System The spraying system mainly consists of an asphalt tank, heating part, hydraulic part, control part and spraying part. 1. The outer wall of the asphalt tank is made of stainless steel frosted board, with insulation filler in the middle, and the inside is composed of a heating boiler and a heat-conducting oil coil. The appearance is neat and generous. The additional gas control valve set outside the tank realizes the large and small circulation of the asphalt in the pipeline and avoids the local overheating and aging of the asphalt. 2. The heating part of the heating device uses imported burners and matching high-efficiency boilers. It has high combustion efficiency, good atomization effect, low fuel consumption, fast heating speed, safe and stable operation, etc. No manual monitoring is required to ensure that the asphalt in the pipeline can obtain an effective heating temperature. 3. The hydraulic part adopts components (hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors) of inter Euro ly renowned brands to ensure reliable transmission performance.

Detailed description

1. Provide operators with accurate spreading parameters according to different work requirements. Through the setting of the display screen parameters on the rear console, the continuous change of the actual measurement parameters can accurately reflect the operation of the equipment.
2. The manual operation is simple, and the manual/automatic switch can be realized, which improves the work efficiency.
3. The width of asphalt spraying and stone spreading can be adjusted freely according to the width of the road surface.
4. The limit switch device is used to control the raising and lowering of the sprinkler frame and the silo to avoid overtravel to damage the human and the machine.
5. Equipped with heat-conducting oil automatic al lift device, with the upper limit and lower limit al lift of the material level, and the lower limit al lift indication function of the asphalt.

HD pictures
illustrate in detail


4. The control part uses encoders to accurately detect vehicle speed and asphalt pump speed to ensure the accuracy of spreading. The radar, encoder and main circuit switch components are all imported components. After setting the amount of spraying, the PLC automatically calculates the vehicle speed and pump speed, realizing automatic control of the spraying, and can recommend a reasonable speed for the driver. 5. In the spraying part, the opening and closing of each nozzle is controlled individually by a gas valve. The special pipeline design ensures uniform pressure and good spraying effect.

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