Dongfeng Yuhu 8 tons fecal suction truck

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1. Protective material: Q235B carbon steel, connection method: both the left and right side protection and the auxiliary beam are connected by welding, the rear lower protection and the frame are connected by welding, the rear protection section size (mm): 150×50×5, rear Protective ground clearance (mm): 500. 2. The effective volume of the tank is 11.26 cubic meters, the transportation medium is liquid dirt, the density is 800 kg/m3, the length of the vehicle/the overall size of the tank (long × long axis × short The corresponding relationship between axle)/wheelbase/front suspension is (mm): 8300/5200×2200×1420/4700/1450, 8100/5200×2200×1420/4700/1250, 8100/5000×2200×1470/4500/ 1450, 7900/5000×2200×1470/4500/1250, 7550/4450×2320×1580/3950/1450, 7350/4450×2320×1580/3950/1250. 3. Optional cab with chassis. 4. The ABS model is 3631010-C2000, and the manufacturer is East Kekenuoer Commercial Vehicle Brake System (Shiyan) Co., Ltd. 5. Vehicle color, text spraying and local details can be changed.
Chassis description

Product name: Dongfeng Yuhu Fecal Suction Truck Dimensions: 8300,8100,7900,7550,7350×2480×3250(mm) Chassis model: EQ1168GLJ5 Cargo compartment size: ××(mm) Total weight: 15800(Kg) Close /Departure angle: 16/14(°) Rated mass: 8585(Kg) Front suspension and rear suspension: 1250/2500,1450/2300,1250/2170,1450/1970,1250/2450,1450/2250,1250/2000 ,1450/1800(mm) Curb weight: 7020(Kg) Maximum speed: 90(km/h)

Modification instructions

Emission standard: GB17691-2005 Euro V, GB3847-2005 Number of axles: 2 Front track: 1910,1960(mm) Wheelbase: 3950,4500,4700,5100,5600 Rear track: 1800,1860(mm) Number of tires : 6 Tire specifications: 9.00-20,9.00R20,10.00-20,10.00R20,295/80R22.5 Fuel type: diesel spring number: 9/10+8,9/11+8 axle load: 5800/10000 driving Number of room passengers: 3

Detailed description
Dongfeng Yuhu 8 tons fecal suction truck
Dongfeng Yuhu 8 tons fecal suction truck
Dongfeng Yuhu 8 tons fecal suction truck

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