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Dongfeng Xiaokang 3- cbm rear-mounted high-mounted bucket non-leakage garbage truck

Dongfeng Xiaokang 3- cbm rear-mounted high-mounted bucket non-leakage garbage truck


Vehicle technical parameters
product name Dongfeng Xiaokang 3- cbm self-loading garbage truck Vehicle model CL5031ZZZ6GH
Total mass (Kg) 3415 Number of passengers 2 people
Rated mass (Kg) 905 Maximum speed (km/h) 100
Curb weight (Kg) 2380 Dimensions (mm) 4775×1720×2320
Actual tank volume 3 cubic Cabinet material Q235 carbon steel


Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Dongfeng Chassis model DXK1031TK5JH8
Number of tires 6 Tire specifications 185R14LT
Emission Standards Euro Six Fuel type gasoline
Engine horsepower 112 horsepower Wheelbase (mm) 2850
Box thickness Side 3 bottom 3 Gearbox 5 gears
Upload configuration
Chassis configuration: It adopts a single-row Dongfeng Xiaokang cab, wheelbase 2850mm, Chongqing Xiaokang 112 horsepower, 5-speed (manual) gearbox, 185R14LT (rear two-wheel) tires, directional power assist, ABS.
Upload configuration:
The system control module is adopted in accordance with CE standards and has multiple protection measures to ensure the safety of operators and prevent secondary pollution. The box body is continuously welded to ensure that there is no “drip water leakage” phenomenon in transportation. The load capacity is large. The box volume is 3 cubic meters. Lightweight design, scraper compression, high-position discharge, can be docked with other equipment, compressed garbage station and other vehicles can work together to improve work efficiency, reduce operating costs, and a good helper for garbage classification.
Garbage Truck

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