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Dongfeng Tianlong 8×4 refrigerated truck

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Dongfeng Tianlong 8×4 refrigerated truck Euro six

The whole vehicle parameters of Dongfeng Tianlong’s 8×4 refrigerated trucks
product name Dongfeng Tianlong 8×4 refrigerated trucks Vehicle model DFH5310XLCDX
Outline rule (mm) 12000×2600×3990 Body size (mm) 9500×2440×2450
Rated load (kg) 17770,17705 Top speed (km/h) 89,110
Total mass (kg) 31000 Fuel type Diesel oil
Curb weight (kg) 13100,13890 Emission Standards Euro Six
Chassis parameters of Dongfeng Tianlong’s 8×4 refrigerated trucks
Chassis model DFH1310D Chassis brand Dongfeng Tianlong
Number of passengers 3 Displacement 10.8L
Wheelbase (mm) 2050+4400+1350 Tire wheel 12R22.5 18PR
Number of tires: 12 Gearbox 14 gears
engine model DDi11E465-60 Engine horsepower 465 horsepower
Dongfeng Tianlong 8×4 refrigerated compartment body material
Chassis configuration Dongfeng Tianlong KL 8×4 high roof double row half cab, 11.12 displacement Dongfeng Renault 465 horsepower diesel engine, 12R22.5 vacuum tires, 14-speed gearbox, 10 tons Dana 440 rear axle, air conditioning, rotating, Air brake, ABS, electric doors and windows, central control lock, remote control key, cruise control, GPS positioning, driving recorder, brake self-adjusting arm, adjustable headlights, multi-function steering wheel, 600L aluminum alloy fuel tank, airbag seat.
Upload configuration The interior and exterior of the compartment are made of glass steel plate, 8cm polyurethane insulation layer in the middle, sandwich bonding production technology, and the insulation performance reaches the A-level standard. The bottom of the compartment is covered with non-slip aluminum checkered plates. The bottom checkered plate extends 10 cm to the wall of the compartment. The door frame, door locks, hinges, and corners are made of stainless steel. The compartment body is covered with aluminum alloy profiles. The interior of the compartment uses 12V or 24V high-brightness LED lighting, standard with domestic -5 degrees or -15 degrees refrigeration unit.
Unit brand Shenzhen Xinkaili, Henan Xinxiang Xinhuatai, Zhengzhou Kaixue, Xiangyang Hanxue, Shenyang Bingsen, Shanghai Songzhi Super Cool, Henan Kaida, Guangdong Jinda K card, American Carrier, American Cold King.



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