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  • Dongfeng Tianlong 6X4 water trucks


    2.Engine:Cummins 260hp

    3.Tank capacity:20cbm

    4.Drive type:6*4

    5.Emission standard:Euro II  III  IV  V  VI


    • Specifications

    Product   specification of water truck

    Water trucks are also known as multi-functional green water trucks. It is used for urban roads, large-scale factories, troops, gardens and other units to clean roads, sanitation, dust prevention, watering, spraying pesticides, etc., It can beautify the environment.Water trucks  used  the  engine drives the gearbox, and the power extractor installed on the gearbox drives the sprinkler pump, which generates the main power and sprays the liquid inside the tank through the pipe network. .

    Dongfeng Tianlong 6X4 water truck

    Dongfeng Tianlong 6X4 water truck

    Spraying before and spraying after, the front is equipped with a duck-shaped nozzle or round head nozzle, the back is equipped with a cylindrical sprinkler nozzle or showerhead nozzle, and the rear has a working platform equipped with a high-pressure water cannon. The rear can also be equipped with 8 nozzles (optional) sprinkler generally used to flush streets.

    Dongfeng Tianlong 6X4 water truck

    Dongfeng Tianlong 6X4 water truck

    Function description of Dongfeng Tianlong 6X4 water trucks

    (1) Sprinkler as close as possible to the operation point, parking.

    (2) Open the side door of the cabinet, take out the suction hose, and make it swing backward without bending.

    Dongfeng Tianlong 6X4 water truck

    (3). Pump the suction hose as deep as possible into the water to ensure that the end of the pipe is always less than 300mm away from the liquid level during the operation.

    (4). Push the four-way valve handle to be perpendicular to the ground.

    (5). Hang the transmission into neutral, then start the engine, disengage the clutch, pull the force take-up switch back, that is, shift the force, and the pump starts to run.

    Dongfeng Tianlong 6X4 water truck

    (6) The operator can pass the observation mirror on the back seal head, when the liquid level reaches the middle of the observation mirror, the driver should be notified, and the colleague should quickly pull the suction hose away from the water or close the four-way valve.

    (7) After putting away the hose, put it back in the walking box and close the side door.

    (8) Drive the sprinkler away from the pumping site

    Dongfeng Tianlong 6X4 water truck

    Chengli Special Automobile Co., LTD. The trucks focus on every detail, give dedicated production to different water trucks, ensure that each water truck meets the national quality standards, so that water trucks are convenient and easy to use, long service life, and meet user needs!


    Video of water truck show and promotion meeting:

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