Dongfeng Tianlong 25 Ton Sweeping Truck

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Sweeping truck application environment: The sweeping truck has good cleaning effect and easy maintenance. It is suitable for mechanized cleaning, cleaning and spraying of urban roads, highways, squares, airports, docks, tunnels, bridges, isolation walls, curbs and curb facades Dust reduction and other cleaning operations.
Chassis description

Product name: Washing and sweeping vehicle dimensions: 10700, 10500, 10050, 9620×2500×3390(mm) Chassis model: DFL1250A13 Cargo compartment size: ××(mm) Total mass: 25000(Kg) Approach/departure angle: 18/14,18/13.5,18/13,18/12.5,18/12,18/11.5,18/11,18/10(°) Rated quality: 7370,7305(Kg) Front suspension and rear suspension: 1480/ 2080, 1480/2220, 1500/2060, 1500/2200 (mm) Curb weight: 17500 (Kg) Maximum speed: 90 (km/h) Engine engine manufacturer displacement (ml) Power (kw)

Modification instructions

Adopting Dongfeng Dolica chassis, single-row front-turnable cab, optional Yuchai 115/Chaochai 102 horsepower high-equipped Euro V engine, 5-speed gearbox, wheelbase 3308mm, front and rear axles 2T/4T, 7.00R16 original steel wire Tires, air brake, direction assist, ABS, original air conditioner. Jiangling 77 horsepower auxiliary engine

Detailed description

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