Dongfeng Tianlong 25 ton hook lift garbage truck

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Chassis description

Dongfeng Tianlong 25 Ton hook lift Garbage Truck Chassis Parameters Chassis Model DFL1250A13 Axle Number 3 Wheelbase (mm) 4350+1350 Tire Number 10+1 Tire Specification 11.00R20 (steel tire)

Modification instructions

Dongfeng Tianlong 25-ton hook- lift garbage truck vehicle model Dongfeng Tianlong 25-ton hook- lift garbage truck Overall dimensions (mm) 8300×2500×3250, 3690 Total mass 25000 Rated load mass (Kg) Actual can load 25 tons of garbage

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Occupy the entire sanitation field with the advantages of high-end and atmospheric cab configuration and the whole vehicle nationwide warranty. This chassis can be selected for 20-ton or 25-ton pull lift top mounting, and can be equipped with a mobile compression station or a large garbage bin.

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