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Dongfeng Tianlong 25 Ton Hook Arm Garbage Truck Euro VI

  • Specifications

Dongfeng Tianlong 25 Ton Hook Arm Garbage Truck Euro VI


Vehicle technical parameters
product name Dongfeng Tianlong hook arm garbage truck Vehicle model HLW5252ZXXD6
Total mass (Kg) 25000 Number of passengers 3 people
Rated mass (Kg) 13230,13165,12690,12625 Maximum speed (km/h) 89
Curb weight (Kg) 11640,12180 Dimensions (mm) 8400,9400×2500×3190
Tank volume 25 cubic Hook arm material Manganese Steel


Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Dongfeng Chassis model DFH1250D4
Number of tires 6 Tire specifications 295/80R22.5 18PR
Emission Standards Euro Six Fuel type Diesel oil
engine model Cummins 290 horsepower Wheelbase (mm) 4350+1350
Upload configuration
Chassis configuration: Euro VI Dongfeng Tianlonghou double-axle hook-arm garbage truck, chassis wheelbase 4350+1350 fast nine-speed gearbox 295/80R22.5 18PR, front axle 5.5 tons, rear axle 10 tons, original air conditioner, electric doors and windows. The telescopic boom can transport 12-18 cbm mobile garbage stations or garbage bins, with simple structure, stable and convenient operation, high loading and unloading efficiency, saving manpower, and effectively avoiding secondary pollution during loading and unloading transportation.
Upload configuration: Dongfeng Tianlong’s 8×4 hook-arm garbage trucks, large hook-arm garbage trucks, Dongfeng Tianlong hook-arm garbage truck is a 25-ton hook-arm garbage truck, equipped with 28-35 cubic meters of multi-functional bulk garbage bins (hydraulic wingspan upper cover ﹑Hydraulic locking and sealing the rear door) or 18-22 cubic conjoined compression box (mobile garbage station)
Model advantages:
The Euro Six Hook Arm Garbage Truck adopts a full hydraulic control operating system. The garbage compartment and the chassis can be completely separated. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation, stability, high use efficiency, good sealing performance, and convenient dumping. It can realize one vehicle and multiple The combined operation of two garbage bins and circular transportation can fully improve the transportation capacity of vehicles. One car can carry multiple boxes, which is efficient, energy-saving and cost-saving.
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