Dongfeng Tianjin Road Cleaning Truck

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10.00-20,10.00R20,9.00-20,9.00R20,275/80R22.5 16PR Others: The front face spoiler cover of the cab is optional. 10.00-20,10.00R20 optional ABS. ABS model: 4460043200, manufacturer: WABCO.275/80R22.5 16PR optional ABS, ABS model: 3631010-C2000, manufacturer: Dongfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Brake System Company. The chassis can be equipped with a muffler front, Optional disc brake, ISDe210 40, ISDe180 40, ISDe185 40, EQH180-40, ISB180 40. The engine can be optionally equipped with a speed limit device, with a speed limit of 80km/h
Chassis description

Chassis parameters Chassis model: DFL1160BX5 Number of axles: 2 Wheelbase (mm): 5000,4700,4500 (mm) Front track (mm): 1880 (mm) Front passenger: 3 Rear track (mm): 1860,1800 (mm) Number of tires: 6 Number of springs: 8/10+8,7/9+6

Modification instructions

Main technical data of Dongfeng Tianjin guardrail cleaning truck Product name: Dongfeng Tianjin guardrail cleaning truck Dimensions (mm): 9000,8050×2490×3080(mm) Product model: Dongfeng Tianjin guardrail cleaning truck Batch: 252 Chassis Model: DFL1160BX5 Cargo compartment size (mm): ××(mm) Total mass: (kg) 16000(kg) Approach/departure angle (°) 14/15,20/15(°) Rated mass: (kg) 7805 (kg) Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 1430/1920,1430/2120 (mm) Curb weight: (kg) 8000 (kg) Maximum speed (km/h): 90 (km/h) Axle load: 6000 /10000

Detailed description

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