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Dongfeng Tianjin Hook Arm Garbage Truck Euro VI

  • Specifications

Dongfeng Tianjin Hook Arm Garbage Truck Euro VI


Vehicle technical parameters
product name Dongfeng Tianjin Hook Arm Garbage Truck Vehicle model CLW5180ZXXD6
Total mass (Kg) 18000 Number of passengers 3 people
Rated mass (Kg) 10225 Maximum speed (km/h) 89
Curb weight (Kg) 7580 Dimensions (mm) 7500X2470X3150


Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Dongfeng Chassis model DFH1180EX8
Number of tires 6 Tire specifications 10.00R20
Emission Standards Euro Six Fuel type Diesel oil
engine model Cummins 210 horsepower Wheelbase (mm) 4500
Upload configuration
Chassis configuration: Dongfeng Tianjin hook-arm garbage truck special chassis, Cummins 180/210 horsepower, Euro VI emission, 10.00R20 steel tires, Dongfeng sixth gear, front axle 4.5, rear axle 9 tons, with original air conditioning, with ABS, With driving recorder. The truck realizes the operation function of loading and unloading garbage through a pull arm device and a hydraulic system.
Upload configuration:
The super-long wheelbase of 4500mm can be used with 14- cbm dustbins as standard, and can also be used with mobile compression dustbins of the same level. The hook arm is made of high-strength high-quality manganese steel, and the subframe is made of No. 16 low-alloy channel steel, 20 No. cbm tube is welded with 16Mn steel plate. The action design of the flip frame and the movable hook arm garbage truck is reasonable and reliable, which realizes simple and convenient operation of pulling, locking, placing and self-unloading. The control method is intelligent control of the cab, and the traditional operating lever outside the cab can also be selected according to user needs. control.
Model advantages: Dongfeng Tianjin hook-arm garbage truck with low fuel consumption and strong power; the gearbox is Dongfeng six gears, with few failures and excellent performance; the front and rear axles are Dongfeng-enhanced, fast speed, strong bearing capacity, pearl white belt sleeper cab, beautiful appearance Beautiful.
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