Dongfeng Tianjin Compression Docking Garbage Truck Euro VI

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Hubei Chengli Automobile: Dongfeng Tianjin compression docking garbage truck National VI product model and parameter configuration, Dongfeng Tianjin compression docking garbage truck National VI high-definition pictures, Chengli automobile series Dongfeng Tianjin compression docking garbage truck National VI latest quotation, please call customer service hotline. Vehicle Technical Parameters Product Name Foton Omak Kitchen Garbage Truck Vehicle Model CLW5120TCA6 Total Mass (Kg) 11995 3 Passengers Rated Mass (Kg) 6200, 5400, 5100 Maximum Speed (km/h) 103 Curb Weight ( Kg) 5600, 6400, 6700 Dimensions (mm) 670022503200 Tank body…

Dongfeng Tianjin Compression Docking Garbage Truck Euro VI


Vehicle technical parameters
product name Dongfeng Tianjin Compression Docking Garbage Truck Vehicle model CLW5160ZDJD6
Total mass (Kg) 16000 Number of passengers 3 people
Rated mass (Kg) 7630,7565 Maximum speed (km/h) 89
Curb weight (Kg) 8240 Dimensions (mm) 7770×2500×3300


Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Dongfeng Chassis model DFH1160EX8
Number of tires 6 Tire specifications 10.00R20
Emission Standards Euro Six Fuel type Diesel oil
engine model Cummins 210 horsepower Wheelbase (mm) 4500
Box thickness 5mm Gearbox 6 gears
Upload configuration
Upload configuration: The car uses the original Dongfeng Tianjin chassis, Dongfeng Cummins 210 horsepower engine, wheelbase 4500mm, electric glass, air brake, luxurious arc instrument panel, second stepping, under protection, original camel battery, 1000 steel wire tires, with original Factory ABS. Excellent performance, guaranteed quality, Dongfeng 6-speed manual gearbox, easy to shift gears, and powerful to increase speed.
Optional configuration: Adopting the Euro standard thickness Q235 carbon steel plate, five frame carriages with four sides and bottoms, the frame carriages are designed and manufactured in accordance with the optimized design of the outer frame to withstand pressure. The garbage compartment can be lifted by an oil cylinder to unload garbage. The back door of the compartment is hydraulically opened and can be controlled manually or electrically. The steering wheel is equipped with hydraulic power, the steering is light, and the clutch is equipped with clutch power, which makes it easy to shift gears and has a better driving experience. The working process is fully hydraulically driven, double-cylinders for lifting and self-unloading, the trash bin tailgate is opened and closed hydraulically, high-quality hydraulic valves and hydraulic cylinders are used, the failure rate is low, and the transmission efficiency is high!

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