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  • Dongfeng Frica D7 4×2 Road Maintenance Truck

    Engine Model:D25TCIF1

    Overall Dimension(mm):6820×2200×3100


    Gross Vehicle Weight(kg):11995


    Road maintenance truck is a versatile and essential tool for preserving and improving road infrastructure. Its adaptable features, advantages in terms of efficiency and cost savings, and applications across various maintenance tasks make it an invaluable asset for maintaining safe and reliable road networks.

    • Specifications

    Dongfeng Frica D7 4×2 Road Maintenance Truck


    A road maintenance vehicle is a multifunctional mobile unit equipped with a range of tools and equipment to perform diverse tasks related to road upkeep and repair. These vehicles are designed to address various maintenance needs efficiently, reducing downtime and minimizing disruptions to traffic flow.

    Dongfeng Frica D7 4×2 Road Maintenance Truck


    1. Pothole Repair: Road maintenance vehicles are used to fill potholes and repair localized damage, preventing further deterioration.
    2. Crack Sealing: They apply sealants to cracks, preventing water penetration and minimizing the expansion of cracks due to temperature changes.
    3. Surface Treatment: Vehicles can perform surface treatments like chip sealing and microsurfacing to rejuvenate road surfaces and provide added protection.
    4. Marking and Striping: Road maintenance vehicles are used to repaint road markings, enhancing visibility and safety for drivers.
    5. Emergency Response: These vehicles can quickly address urgent issues, like clearing debris from accidents or fallen trees obstructing roads.
    6. Routine Maintenance: Road maintenance vehicles handle routine tasks such as cleaning, sweeping, and debris removal, ensuring roads remain clean and safe.


    Dongfeng Frica D7 4×2 Road Maintenance Truck

    Dongfeng Frica D7 4×2 Road Maintenance Truck

    Dongfeng Frica D7 4×2 Road Maintenance Truck

    Dongfeng Frica D7 4×2 Road Maintenance Truck

    Dongfeng Frica D7 4×2 Road Maintenance Truck

    Dongfeng Frica D7 4×2 Road Maintenance Truck

    Vehicle Name Dongfeng Frica D7 4×2 Road Maintenance Truck
    Brand Dongfeng Frica D7
    Engine &
    Engine Model D25TCIF1
    Engine Brand Kunming Yunnei Power Co.,Ltd
    Fuel type Diesel
    Displacement (ml) / Power 2499ml /110kw, 110HP
    Emission Standard Euro VI
    Number of speeds 5 Forward, 1 Reverse
    Chassis Chassis Type EQ1125SJ8CDC
    Drive Type 4X2
    No. of Axles 2
    Cab seats 3
    Max Speed(km/h) 103
    Tire 8.25R20
    Tire No.’s 6
    Air condition Yes
    Basic information Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 11995
    Curb Weight(kg) 7220
    Payload (kg) 4580
    Wheelbase(mm) 3800
    Overall Dimension(mm) 6820×2200×3100
    (length ×width×height )
    Upper Structure
    Protective material Q235B carbon steel
    Connection type The left and right sides and rear lower protection are welded
    Dimensions of rear protection section(mm) 120×50

    Key  Features:

    1. Versatility: Road maintenance vehicles are versatile, capable of performing tasks such as patching potholes, crack sealing, road resurfacing, line striping, and more.
    2. Storage and Dispensing Systems: They are equipped with tanks or hoppers for storing materials like asphalt, aggregate, emulsions, and other necessary substances for road repairs.
    3. Application Equipment: These vehicles may come with sprayers, spreaders, brushes, and other tools to apply materials uniformly and accurately to road surfaces.
    4. Heating Systems: Some vehicles have heating elements or systems to keep materials at the appropriate temperature for optimal application.
    5. Adjustable Controls: Road maintenance vehicles often feature adjustable controls to modify application rates, spread patterns, and other parameters based on specific road conditions.
    6. Data Collection and Monitoring: Advanced vehicles might incorporate sensors and monitoring systems to assess road conditions, identify maintenance needs, and gather data for future planning.


    1. Efficiency: Road maintenance vehicles streamline the maintenance process, covering larger areas in less time compared to manual methods, thus reducing traffic disruptions.
    2. Cost Savings: These vehicles contribute to cost savings by addressing issues early and preventing more extensive damage that would require costly repairs or reconstruction.
    3. Safety Enhancement: Maintaining road infrastructure ensures safer driving conditions by minimizing hazards such as potholes, cracks, and faded road markings.
    4. Infrastructure Longevity: Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of roads, delaying the need for major overhauls and enhancing the overall durability of the infrastructure.
    5. Environmental Benefits: Efficient maintenance helps prevent water infiltration, reducing the risk of erosion and water-related damage to road foundations.


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