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  • Dongfeng Frica 4X2 8500 liters refueling truck

    1.Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm:6950×2200×2800

    2.Wheel base(mm):3800

    3.Gross vehicle weight(kg):11950

    4.Displacement (ml) / Power:  2977/125KW/170(HP)

    5.Emission Standard:CHINA VI

    The refueling truck is a vehicle for loading and sending oil materials, and the refueling truck is equipped with a refueling machine that can be moved along with the car, and the vehicles for receiving oil equipment, such as vehicles, agricultural machinery, boilers, construction machinery and hotels and other units of fuel distribution.

    • Specifications

    The vehicle configuration of  refueling truck

    Made in strict accordance with the announced volume of 8.5 -cbm, Q235B plate, barrel body 4.2mm thick, head 4.5mm thick, partition 4.2mm thick,  an submarine valve with voice alarm system, with 76/40 special oil pump (can pump in and out), Optional large flow refueling machine and 15 meters thick reel and gun, a full set of European standards (lower oil, oil and gas recovery, anti-overflow probe rod, anti-static wire tray) rear ladder, manual guardrail, toolbox, rear bumper, side guardrail, according to the new standard production, other manufacturers standard, provide chassis certificate, vehicle certificate,  invoice.

    Dongfeng Frica 8.5 -cbm refueling truck

    Chassis parameters of the fuel tank  truck

    Dongfeng Frica single row cab, wheelbase 3800mm, 255/70R22.5 vacuum tire, Fast 8 gear transmission, 2.7T front axle /7T rear axle, 192 double girder, power steering, clutch assist, exhaust brake, air conditioning, electric window central control lock, LCD instrument, rear processor front + exhaust spark extinguisher + front disc rear drum brake + speed limit 80KM/H,GPS tachograph, front down protection, anti-splash fender, tire burst emergency safety device (double warning).

    Dongfeng Frica 8.5 -cbm refueling truck

    The vehicle parameters of  Dongfeng Frica 4X2 8500 liters refueling truck

    Vehicle Name Dongfeng Frica 8.5 -cbm  refueling truck
    Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm 6950×2200×2800
    Wheel base(mm) 3800
    Gross vehicle weight(kg) 11950
    Max. speed(km/h) 80
    Chassis Type EQ1125SJ8CDCWXP
    Drive Type 4X2
    Cab seats 3,2
    Tire No.’s 8/10+7,8/8+6
    Engine Model D30TCIF1;YCY30165-60
    Engine Brand Yunnei;Yuanchai
    Displacement (ml) / Power 2977/125KW/170(HP);2970/121KW/164(HP)
    Emission Standard CHINA VI


    Dongfeng Frica 8.5 -cbm refueling truck Dongfeng Frica 8.5 -cbm refueling truck
































    According to the tank material classification: according to different uses can be selected, carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic lining, glass steel, plastic tank (polyethylene. Polypropylene), aluminum alloy and other materials to make tanks. Fuel truck tank shape: divided into oval tank, round tank, square tank.

    Dongfeng Frica 8.5 -cbm refueling truck

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