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Dongfeng Duolika pure suction road sweeper

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Compared with the traditional sweeping disc sweeper , the biggest advantage of Dongfeng Duolika pure suction road sweeper is that it does not raise dust during work, which is suitable for coal mining enterprises, foundries and other dusty factories or roads.

Dongfeng Duolika pure suction road sweeper parameter configuration table and picture display

Dongfeng Duolika pure suction road sweeper

Advantages: Compared with the traditional sweeping disc type road sweeper , the biggest advantage of this vehicle is that it does not raise dust during work, which is suitable for coal mining enterprises, foundries and other dusty factories or roads.

Configuration: heating and cooling air conditioning, left and right night vision lights, rear work lighting, left and right rear infrared night vision camera monitoring, LCD monitor, suction cup automatic avoidance function, garbage can made of stainless steel, garbage can-shell-tailgate are hydraulically opened and closed , Adopt German stepless speed change technology automatic clutch technology, tail high-efficiency spray dust suppression system.

Function: There are pictures and the truth, look at the pictures and talk

 1. The independent auxiliary engine drives the high-power vacuum fan to work, with strong vacuum adsorption capacity, does not let go of any impurities on the road, strong adsorption effect, and the road is cleaned up

 2. The suction cup with patented technology, the two sides of the suction cup are supported by high wear-resistant small rollers to prevent the suction cup from being damaged by friction on the ground, and can also automatically adapt to the slope of the road.

3. The red hydraulic cylinder can easily control the lifting and lowering of the suction cup in the cab. The suction cup rises when not working, and the hydraulic system lowers the suction cup when it is working, which is convenient and fast and has a high degree of automation.

4. There is a small auxiliary suction cup on each side of the suction cup, which increases the working width from 2.5 meters to 3 meters. The small suction cups retract and fold when not working, and the air pressure expands when working, which improves work efficiency.

5. The small roller on the side of the small suction cup can automatically avoid obstacles such as road steps or flower beds, and automatically adjust the angle to protect the suction cup from damage.

 6. The ultra-thick vacuuming hose adopts a steel wire telescopic hose with fatigue resistance to cope with various distortions and deformations of the suction cup, lifting and lowering and other actions, so as to maximize the service life.

 7. The iron plate-type primary filter can keep larger impurities in the large slag chamber. The strength of the iron plate can also resist the impact of large stones on the filter, improving the wear resistance and service life.

The bag-type secondary filter filters out all the dust in the air and attaches to the bag. When there is a lot of dust attached to the bag, after the unique vibration type dust collector is activated with one button, the dust on the bag will shake down. , do not need manual cleaning, fully automatic control.

 8. The whole shell adopts double-cylinder hydraulic lift. The first function is to dump the garbage in the slag chamber, and the second function is to facilitate maintenance and repair of the auxiliary engine and fan.

The dazzling LED arrow lights, the hydraulic opening and closing of the tailgate of the slag chamber, the rubber sealing strip on the side of the door, and the surveillance camera at the top corner of the car all show that we are very careful in making products. Every detail is for the sake of customers.

The other guard bars at the rear are a set of nozzles, which spray water to reduce dust and cool the road after sucking the road slag.

 9. The whole body is equipped with lights and surveillance cameras for night work at the suction cup position and the rear, which enhances the night work ability of the road sweeper, and realizes the monitoring and cleaning of the cab.


 10. The monitor in the cab is connected to the three cameras around the body, which can check the working status and cleaning status of each part of the road sweeper, and also provide the driver with control over the safety situation around the vehicle.

The simple and convenient control cabinet can issue all the action commands of the car body, and the whole set of operation control can be completed in the cab.


 After reading so much, you should have a preliminary understanding of the relevant functions of this car. If you are still not at ease, you can come to our company to visit and inspect, and you can see the actual operation of the actual car, so you can experience it yourself.

 If you want to know more and more comprehensive configuration information, you can call for consultation. TEL:13872888627/slc

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