Dongfeng Duolika 8 cbm washing and sweeping truck

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Excellent performance: Its washing and sweeping operation uses high-pressure, low-flow jet water to wash, combined with scrubbing and scrubbing the road surface, to achieve strong decontamination and water saving; its high-pressure spray bar adopts a new V-shaped layout structure, the middle spray bar and two The side spray bar and side scrubbing perform high-pressure cleaning and scrubbing of the road surface, curbs, and curbs at the same time. The V-shaped arrangement of the spray bar structure makes the cleaned sewage automatically flow to the suction nozzle in the middle and be sucked into the sewage tank. The cleaned pavement, curbs, and curbs can achieve the effects of no garbage, no dust, no stains, and no sewage, which greatly improves the cleaning quality of urban roads.
Chassis description

Dongfeng Tianjin with reclining cab, hydraulic tilting, 180 horsepower 6-cylinder Cummins engine, 6-speed gearbox, front axle 3.9 tons, rear axle 9 tons, 250 wide beam, 900-20 tires with spare tire, direction assist, clutch assist , Air brake, with original ABS, driving recorder, with original air conditioner.

Modification instructions

The cab of Dongfeng Tianjin is large and comfortable. The steering wheel can be adjusted freely, the optimized surrounding instrument layout is compact, various buttons and switches are within reach, and the anti-reflective liquid crystal display is clear and easy to read.

Detailed description

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