Dongfeng Duolika 5 cbm washing and sweeping truck

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The Jiangling Kai Rui sweeper is produced with the original Kai Rui N800 chassis. The chassis is a newly launched heavy-duty air brake type by Jiangling. It is equipped with the current Jiangling light truck supporting power, the Tengbao 3.0 engine, 3.0L displacement, and 112kw power. , Overload. Structural components such as tires, girders, front and rear axles, and leaf springs have been developed for heavy-duty conditions. More than 400 vehicle parts have been upgraded for heavy-duty conditions, and the carrying capacity and safety have been greatly improved. Equipped with air brake as standard, it is safer for heavy loads.
Chassis description

Adopting Dongfeng Xiaodolika chassis, Dongfeng Qingfa 102 horsepower engine, Dongfeng 5-speed gearbox, 3300 (mm) wheelbase, 2 tons front axle/4 tons rear axle, 7.00-16 tires, with direction assist, air brake, clutch Power assist, overall dimensions 5995×1990×2590 (mm).

Modification instructions

Sub-engine: Jiangling Isuzu engine 88 horsepower, washing and sweeping vehicle volume m³: 1.5m³ water tank/4m³ trash can, body material: stainless steel

Detailed description

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