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Dongfeng Duolika 10 Ton Compression Garbage Truck

  • Specifications
Chassis description

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng original chassis, D9 row semi-cab, 3950mm/4500mm wheelbase, Cummins 180 horsepower, Yuchai 160 horsepower Euro V engine, 6-speed/small 8-speed gearbox, 9.00R20/10.00 wire tires, Directional assistance, air brake, central control lock, electric glass, ABS, air conditioning.

Modification instructions

Top configuration: new flat arc-shaped car body, the material of the car body is high-quality carbon steel of Wuhan Iron and Steel, the effective compression volume is 10-12 cbm meters, PLC one-key operation control, integrated flashlight operation mode, double electric control on both sides, with cab operation, bottom plate Enhanced support, two-way compression, open and easy-to-clean sewage tank. Compression garbage trucks adopt electro-hydraulic integration technology, with the help of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic combined automatic control systems, computer control, manual operating systems, and special devices such as fillers and dozers to realize garbage dumping, crushing or squashing , Powerful loading, squeezing the garbage into the carriage, compacting and unloading, all the sewage enters the sewage collection tank, which solves the problem of secondary pollution during the garbage transportation. The compression garbage truck has the functions of automatic repeated compression and peristaltic compression. It has the advantages of high compression ratio, good sealing performance, large loading capacity, convenient operation, good environmental protection, and high utilization power of the whole vehicle. The operation is automated, and the garbage collection method is simple and efficient. Optional rear turning mechanism: 1. Hanging plastic bucket type turning mechanism; 2. Hanging iron bucket type turning mechanism; 3. Swing lift type turning mechanism; 4. Dustpan bucket type turning mechanism.

Detailed description

Advantages of compressed garbage truck models
Model advantage : Among the garbage truck models, the industry has the largest market share
Engine advantage : Yuchai 160 Euro V EFI engine has authentic Euro IV emission standards, strong engine power, faster upgrade, more economical and fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and pollution-free!
Gearbox advantages : small 8-speed gearbox, large torque, fast climbing, inter Euro quality, high quality, light operation
Axle advantage : The vehicle is equipped with a high-strength rear axle, which has strong bearing capacity, free of disassembly and maintenance, and saves effort and money!
Advantages of the cab : high-end cab, good sound insulation, overall stronger and safer! Ho Central console, mobile luxury mansion!
Vehicle advantages : create the best profit model for high-speed, high-efficiency, high-reliability, and fuel-saving
After-sales service : There are 1,300 after-sales service outlets nationwide, and the service is thoughtful, so that you have no worries about after-sales!
Quality assurance : Dongfeng brand inter Euro top configuration high temperature, high pressure, high cold, high weight

Cheng Liwei CLW5165ZYSD5 compression garbage truck Main technical parameters

Product Trademark

Cheng Liwei

Company Name

Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Vehicle model


Announcement batch


Dimensions (mm)


Tank volume (m3)


Total mass (kg)


Rated mass (kg)


Curb weight (kg)


Front passenger (person)


Axle load (kg)




Top speed (km/h)


Fuel oil


Fuel consumption (L/100Km)

26.0, 26.3, 27.8, 26.3

Environmental protection


Fuel type

Diesel oil

Emission Standards



1. The car chooses 3950 and 4500 wheelbase chassis. 2. The cab is optional with the chassis. 3. The car has five optional flip styles, A: triangle bucket device, B: bucket hanging device, C: swing lift device, D: large floor bucket device, E: no rear flip device. When ABCD is selected, the corresponding relationship of the vehicle length (mm) / wheelbase (mm) / rear suspension (mm) / curb weight (Kg) is: 7690/3950/2510/8900, 8240/4500/2510/ 9700; When E is selected, the corresponding relationship of the vehicle length (mm)/wheelbase (mm)/rear suspension (mm) is: 7450/3950/2270, 8000/4500/2270. 4. Protective material: Q235 Carbon steel

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