Dongfeng Dialica 8 Ton Refueling Truck

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Chassis description

Dongfeng Dolica 8 ton fuel truck uses a 3800 wheelbase, Chaochai 156 horsepower engine, Yuchai 150 horsepower engine, (new luxury interior Dolica cab). High-strength bumper, frame 192, front axle 2.2 tons, rear axle 4.2 tons, 8.25-20 steel wire tires, air brake. 6-speed gearbox. With original factory direction assistance, good sight line, beautiful appearance, flexible and comfortable operation, it is one of the smoothest models in the 7-8 ton fuel truck series. Advantages: This model is very cost-effective. And the loading medium is diesel and gasoline, it is convenient to apply for the operation license.

Modification instructions

The 60-30 gear oil pump of Dongfeng Dolica 8 tons fuel truck, tank volume: diesel medium 9.3 cubic meters (approximately 7.7 tons of diesel); gasoline medium 10.7 cubic meters (approximately 7.4 tons of gasoline). The tank body adopts the Euro standard Q235 carbon steel plate brake, the tank body is fully automatically welded, the water pressure swelling head, the standard subsea valve and a European standard tank mouth, and a folding guardrail is installed on the top of the tank body.

Detailed description


Chassis parameters
Chassis model: EQ1110SJ8BDCWXP Number of axes: 2
Wheelbase (mm): 3800(mm) Front track (mm): 1903,1770(mm)
Front passenger: 3 Rear track (mm): 1640(mm)
Number of tires: 6 Number of springs: 8/10+7
Tire specifications: 8.25R20 14PR
other: Optional front cover, front bumper, front combination lamp. Optional front fog lamp. ABS system manufacturer and model: Xiangyang Dongfeng Longcheng Machinery Co., Ltd., ABS/ASR-24V-4S/4M. Install front exhaust Tube, front wheel disc brake, installed with a driving recorder with satellite positioning function. The maximum net power of the CY4SK251 engine is 112kw. The maximum net power of the YN38CRE1 engine is 90kw. The maximum net power of the YC4S150-50 engine is 105kw. The maximum net power of the 4DX23-140E5 engine is 105kw. The power is 103kw.
Engine parameters
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaochai Power Co., Ltd.
Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd.
Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.
FAW Auto Group Wuxi Diesel Oil Factory free
Emission Standards: Euro five Fuel type: Diesel oil
HD pictures
illustrate in detail
Dongfeng Dolica 8 tons refueling truck chooses to install bottom oil, gas recovery, anti-overflow probe; optional flow meter; optional fuel dispenser brand: Zhengxing/Shanghai Bailai/Tokken Hengshan/Beilin/Chang Stable/Sanjin etc.

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