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Dongfeng Dalika 8 tons high pressure cleaning truck

Chassis description

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng Duolika 3800 wheelbase single row, Euro Five Chaochao Diesel 156 horsepower, 6-gear box, rear axle 5.5T, 8.25R16 steel wire tires, dynamic rotation, air brake, clutch power assist, air conditioning, electric doors and windows, central lock .

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The tank body is made of high-quality WISCO plates and is produced in strict accordance with the Euro announcement. The tank has a large volume and a large water storage capacity, which can be continuously cleaned and dredged. Equipped with Tianjin Tongjie or Italy imported high-pressure water pump, stable performance, good cleaning and dredging effect. The pressure-resistant hose can be 60-120 meters in length, the coiling force is 1800N, the inner diameter of the hose is φ19 mm, the coiling speed is 0-30 meters, and the propulsion force is ≥180 N. Using gearbox sandwich power take-off technology, the power loss is close to zero, and the noise is low; the power take-off is turned on for pneumatic operation in the cab, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator. Oil pump, oil motor, multi-way valve and other accessories are all selected domestic famous brand products. It can be equipped with sprinklers, green sprinklers, front flush, rear sprinkler, side spray, green sprinkler, spray, dust pressure, high-pressure washing of road surface, etc. It has the characteristics of high pressure, water saving, long working time and good cleaning effect. It can also be equipped with dirt suction function, which integrates cleaning and dirt suction.

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